Monday, March 7, 2011

Konad mini promo set

I got this Mini Set From Konad Ireland on Facebook.
I had to comment on the wall and tell her the reason
why I would like to have one.

This is perfect to carry in your purse/bag.
And when people ask how I do my nails...
I can just whip it up and show them.
How neat is that!

However I can not open the Nail Polish.
It is so tight. But I will not give up.

The edge on the
Black Tube
can be used
as a Scraper too.

And that is a "Piece of Pie"
Thank you for reading!
Feel free to comment.

How to Use Konad Nail Stamping:
(Not my own Video)

Blob the paint on the design in one quick movement.
Scrape the excess polish off quickly in one swift movement (45degree angle away from you)
Pick up the image with the stamp, quickly as the longer you take the more likely it is to dry into the design.
Position the design where you want it to be on your nail, and using a rolling motion, stamp image onto nails.
Always clean your image plates and tools with nail varnish remover or the paint will clog the designs.
When applying top coat, do it in 2-3 parts, never repeating or dabbing the same area.

New challenge on Konad Irealand - let's try and get a push on to reach 2,000 fans. Please suggest this page to everyone you know and you will go into a draw to win a fabulous "Gold Set". RRP €90 and contents worth €140!! Winner will be announced as soon as we reach 2,000! The 2,000 "fan" will also get a prize of a "Special Set"! Tell everyone and suggest to all your friends - this is an excellent opportunity to win one of 2 'very much sought after' Nail Art kits, by KONAD.

So go "Like" the Facebook Page Now
and start Suggesting to your Friends
for a chance to win:


  1. I love the mini set :-)
    It's nice if you are on vacation or something.

  2. Yeah It seems handy to have


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