Sunday, April 24, 2011

My First Video Tutorial

I am so excited to present to you
My First Video Tutorial Ever
(I have bought a new camera. I've had my other one
for 5 years.  Video quality will be better next time yay).

Konad Stamping

List of Products used in the Video:

Konad Demo Plate II - Image from Plate M57
Konad Stamper
Konad Scraper

Max Factor - 882 Angel Nails
Konad Special Polish White for Stamping
China Glaze - Doll House
Konad Clear Top Coat

Polish Remover
Cotton Round (+ Swabs)

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And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!

All products bought and payed by me


  1. Your nails look really gorgeous in this post! I wish I had the time and dexterity for something as gorgeous as this!

  2. Thank you Emily! My nails are really short at the moment. It's quick and easy to paint them that way. And this design is really quick and easy. If you don't have Konad Stuff You could try making a line or two just with polish and then add glitter to the other half.
    I'm glad you like it! :D


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