Friday, July 1, 2011

Bundle Monster Haul

I have already showed you my NEW Image Plates from Bundle Monster.
But that was not all the items in my Bundle Monster order.
I got the 50pc Murano Glass European Beads.

I'm loving my beads. There are no repeats. I like the blend of colors.

This set includes 50 unique pieces of murano glass beads
that can be easily slide on to your bracelets or necklaces.
Each piece is authentically handmade by Bundle Monster.

Beads are compatible with Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, Biagi
and other styles of European bracelets. These beads fit
but do NOT represent any of these major brands. Major brand
retail value ranges from $20 to $40 for a single bead.

All beads are brand new. Hole size is approximately 4.8 to 5mm.
Dimension of beads are approximately 14mm by 9mm.
Shape is round disc. Core is silver plated. Not threaded
to easily slide onto various european bracelets and necklaces.

One of the beads was missing half of the core.

I contacted them and it was all taken care of.

I also picked up 10 Nail Art Wheels in my Bundle Monster order.
These pictures are taken after I sorted them. That is why there is
only seven wheels in the picture. Most of the content had shifted
between the slots. So I had to sort them, one slot at a time.


This bundle includes 10 nail art wheels that contain
a variety of glitters, rhinestones, and beads. Wheel contains
5 slots with glitters, 5 with rhinestones, and 2 with beads (bullion).
Shapes and colors are mostly different in each slot;
few designs might be repeated.


There is a variety of shapes. Hearts, stars, half moons, flowers and other.
Colors are white, yellow, pink, purple, blue and green. Did I forget any...
Well you can see for yourself what I got. I don't know if every set is the same.


I have to store the wheels with glitters layed down flat, or they
will end up beeing mixed again. But that is no biggie.

Glitters and 2 slots with Bullion Beads

The rhinestones came in a variety of shapes.
Flowers, squares and "paisley shaped",
or what they are called.

This next wheel is mostly Teardrops and Hearts,
yellow and black boats and black round rhinestones.

There were so much round rhinestones that
they filled up most of the slots to max.
I'm loving the colors.

The hardest to sort was the tiny Bullion Beads. And some of the colors
are still mixed. And I think they will stay that way. The only thing with these
are that the color fades when you put clear coat on. So I just put
a blob of polish on the beads and that helps a lot.

Bullion Beads. The small containers did not come with the set, they are my own.
Bundle Monster now has Liquidation Blowout Sales on these Nail Art Wheels!
The reason they're liquidating these wheels is that some of the contents
inside the slots have shifted. Some glitters, rhinestones and beads are no longer
in their original slots. Therefore, Bundle Monster feels they are not able to ship
these units to their online customers who expect perfect condition.

However, these are great small gifts to give away or items for in-store
merchants because your customers can see the items before they purchase.
Or if you are a Nail Art Junkie you get lots of product for low cost.
Overall, the condition of these wheels are really not that bad.
Or rather there is nothing wrong with the content. It just might be a little messy.

Great Deal in my opinion! Wish I had placed my order a bit later.
50 wheels for $15.00 (Less than what I paid for my ten!)

And they have a discount code for 15% off Storewide
CODE: newsite

Are you temted to order?
I sure am!
__  __  __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


  1. the Murano Beads are WOW! esp the blue ones! thanks for sharing! :)

  2. woah1 i might have to check em out and put that site on my to do list :)

    i love this blog!

  3. @aldelei89 - I don't know if every set is the same. But the beads are really nice.
    @BreezeyBee - Sure do that. You can ask your friends if they want to share the 50 nail art wheels. And Thank you!


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