Thursday, June 14, 2012

District 12 Soot - EOTD

 Here comes an other look done with a FEVERshadow. This time it is
District 12 Soot from the Hunger Games Trio. Casandra was nice enough
to send me samples of the Collection for review. And you can have a look at
that HereRue's Wildflowers - EOTD post can be viewed by Clicking Here 

 I started out with a primer and base. Applied a matte skintoned eyeshadow
under my brow and to my inner corner. Then I applied District 12 Soot all over
my lid area and into the crease. I blended the dark color using Rue's Wildflowers.
The same was done on the lower lid. As highlight under the highest point of my
brow and inner corner I used a light shimmery eyeshadow. I thightlined with a
black khol pencil and I used it on my waterline too. I curled my lashes and
applied mascara. If I wasn't out of lashglue I would have applied false lashes.
The makeup was applied using ELF and Sigma Beauty Makeup brushes.

Get your info and shadows from the links below:

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And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. WOW, this EOTD is sooo beautiful!!! <3

  2. this looks so beautiful!!!

  3. I love this!!!! Thank you Ida!

    1. Thank you dolls for your comments. They make me really happy!
      And thank you Cas for sending me the shadows for review.


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