Friday, October 12, 2012

I am a looooser and a winner

Yesterday I got a fun email stating I was the winner of a Giveaway.
Imagine the joy! Today I found out that I was 2 hrs and 4 minutes late
on the 24 hr window and lost the prize. - Do I feel Gutted or what!

I have to move on so I need a way to cheer me up. Let's look back and
remember what fun things have happened. There was this Giveaway by the
Polish Monster a while ago and I have not shown you the prize I won.

It was fun opening the package, it smelled of cinnamon. And I really liked all the cute
monsters inside. The candy I gulped almost immediately after taking this picture hahaha.

Besides the candy there was an other surprise gift included. It was
a cute tin container with Sunny's Miracle Balm - Birthday Cake.

The actual prize was China Glaze - Rare & Radiant.
From the 2012 Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection

I have 2 other shades from the collection: Unpredictable and Deviantly Daring.
Funny thing is that this collection is pictured with silver caps. But the polish won
has a black cap... I might as well show you nail wheel swatches of the three I have.

L-R: Rare & Radiant, Unpredictable and Deviantly Daring. 2 coats each, no top coat. Natural light.

For those that haven't entered the Back to School Collaboration Giveaway
there is still two more days to do that - so get your entries in for your chance to win:

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Awww such a shame you missed out by a couple of hours, however lovely prize you won before!

    1. Yeah I was bummed out. It happens. I'm fine now. And yes I got some nice things before and maybe I'll win again sometime.

  2. I love alll the monster package u got they are beutifull soooo cool

  3. Sucks about your loss, I've done that before but to be fair, I was no where near the deadline haha. But your winnings look gorgeous! Congrats!

    1. Yeah it's bound to happen sometime that you miss out on winnings. But it's ok. I'm over it and looing forward to hosting a Giveaway on my own in a near future.


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