Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Magic Pop-Up Pen First Impressions

Born Pretty Store sent me these MagicPop-Up Pens for review.
First problem was understanding how this product actually works as the
explanation is in a language I can't read or understand. I did some googling
and asked friends and tried a few things. I will post my findings in two
separate posts on my blog. Part two will be tomorrow so stay tuned.

How I went about

I started out by doing a simple card I wanted to decorate. Not knowing how the
products would react or behave I did not use my best paper as this would be my
first testI did some stamping on the paper and went on to add some popcorn pen.

Looking at the box there was a few things I could make out from it.
For example:1000W, 20cm, 2-3. Guessing the 1000W is meaning
some kind of tool/machine, 20cm beeing the distance and 2-3 beeing
minutes. Googling for some information this seemed like a good option.
I took out my hairdryer (1200W) and went on to heat the paper.

Nothing happened. Well not much anyway. Went in closer on
the paper with the hairdryer and for several minutes. Still not much.
I was a bit dissapointed as I thought this could be really cool.

I did not give up. Went on facebook in search of people who
would be able to read the explanation and tell me what to do. Or
someone who has tried this product. What I found out and how my
experiment continues you can find out tomorrow in a new post.

The name as it appears on the BornPrettyStore Website
6 Color Popcorn Pen Kit Embellish w/Puffy Ink:

The name "pen" is a bit missleading as it is more of a nossle like glitter glue would have.

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