Friday, May 13, 2011

An Other Day in Stockholm

Kungsträdgården - Stockholm City, Sweden
May 2nd - 2011

Fountain of Wolodarski

In August 1998, a total number of 63 Sakura trees ("Japanese Cherry")
were planted; each spring when they all blossom is an experience of beauty
and scent in the park. Additionally, city architect Alexander Wolodarski
commissioned artist Sivert Lindblom to designed the large bronze urns
now lined-up along the new rectangular fountain. Lindblom has also furnished
the small square Blasieholmstorg just east of the park with Byzantine horses.

Wolodarski's renewal of the park have meet prostest focusing on the "Baroque" scale
and geometry of his design. Others have been critical about the park being "handed-over"
to an entrepreneur – for example[19], the head of the city's garden department
was upset nothing much remains of the park, notwithstanding the park
was even reshaped into a golf course to suite a Mercedez-Benz campaign.

 When I was at Kungsträdgården to watch the cherry trees
blossom, it was a cold and gray day. And I had missed the peak
of the blossoms a few days earlier. Now most of the flower petals
was on the ground. But when they are at their best it's all pink
and nice and if the sun is shining it is really beautiful.

The following (5) pictures are taken by a friend
a couple days earlier than my photos,
and she was lucky with the sun.

Here is a list of links to blogs
and sites with beautiful
pictures of the
Sakura Trees
in Perfect bloom.


(Swedish for "King's Garden") is a park in central Stockholm, Sweden.
It is colloquially known as Kungsan.

The park's central location and its outdoor cafés makes it one of
the most popular hangouts and meeting places in Stockholm.
It also hosts open-air concerts and events in summer, while offering
an ice rink during winters. There is also a number of cafés, art galleries
and restaurants; for example Galleri Doktor Glas, a name taken from
the novel Doctor Glas by Hjalmar Söderberg published in 1905.

The park is divided into four distinct spaces (south to north):
(1) Square of Charles XII; (2) Molin's Fountain; (3); Square of Charles XIII and
(4) "Fountain of Wolodarski" (without an official name).

The park is administered and events in it organized by

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