Saturday, February 5, 2011

88 Beauty Nail Polish Haul - Part 2

I got these polishes from the China Glaze Romatique Collection.
I would not mind at all getting the rest of the collection as well.
Can't wait to try them out for stamping.

Harmony, Cherish, Joy, Adore

I also got Atlantis. I love the green base and "rainbow" AB glitter.
And Salsa is a basic red creme. I love it.

I also ordered Savina Nail Polishes.
Heard rumours that they have dupes of other brands.
I would not know as I don't have so many Nail Polishes.

This is my pick:
Ruby (I have heard that this is supposed to be a dupe of
CG Ruby pumps. I can't say cause I don't have that polish),
Glitter Purple is a clear Jelly with Purple and Silver Glitter. And
Purple Prince this is a Plum purple with a blue duochrome.
 However hard to take color accurate pictures of.


  • Matte Top Coat
  • Black Mist, grey jelly with small silver glitters. (This was supposed to be Black Pearl, but I was sent this instead. The shipping cost was kinda high so I will not be sending it back).
  • Fireworks, peach orange jelly with ornage and AB glitter and silver glitter stripes.
  • Marine Life shows up really blue in this picture but is more green in RL (creme, dries matte)

I got a white 3-way tilter and a pink 1-way. The white one is bigger and more flexible than the pink. I don't think I will fit my bigger bottles as CG, Savina, Color Clubs in the 1-way tilter. But it is great for smaller bottles. If you are looking to get just ONE polish tilter - get the 3-way tilter.

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading! - Feel free to comment.

Part one can be found Here

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