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I was contacted by JORD a while ago, I got an email asking me to do a review of Jord Watches. I wasn't sure if I would have the time or even if I wanted to do it. I haven't posted regularly on my blog for some time. An other thing was that I have not worn a watch for years. I didn't reply. However an idea was forming in my head and I could not stop thinking about the Jord Watches. To my surprise I recieved an other email from Jord. By now the idea that was forming in my head had set root. I could not refuse.

My Fieldcrest Zebrawood and Maple #JordWatch is sturdy, eventhoug it feels light to the touch. I would not submerge it into water though. I'm thinking water would dry out the wood and make it brittle.  The timepiece is smooth to the touch and feels warm when you hold or wear it - unlike a metal watch.

This Wood Watch does draw attention to it. Never has any piece of clothing or accessories that I've worn gotten more attention than this wood watch. People want to touch it and hold it and even try it on. And the reactions are much like my own described in this post. "Wow how light it is. If feels really smooth. Good looking timepiece." And I usually get the question: "Where did you get it? Where can I buy one?"

Get yours at

When I was unboxing the timepiece I noticed a few nice details. First off it came packaged in a beautiful wood box (sucker for boxes). Great for storing your wood watch when not wearing it. There was a cleaning cloth included. Great when you are taking photos of the watch and don't want fingerprints showing on the glass. The back of the watch is not metal but in fact is covered with wood. That was a nice surprice. The back is ingraved with the Jord Logo, where the timepiece is born and manufactured and what it is made of. The backpiece is attached with 4 screwes. On the wristband next to the clasp the word JORD is ingraved. The clasp opens up really wide so it's really easy to put on the watch. The Crown is also ingraved with the Jord Logo.

An unboxing picture collage was posted on Instagram.

Ett foto publicerat av Ida (@ida.pie)

Unfortunately I had a problem with the clasp of the watch. It came undone by the slightest touch. I took a closer look at the clasp and realised that I did not even have to push the clasp to open it. I could just pull the wristband. Clearly a faulty clasp. Woodwatches said that they will replace the watch.

Having a wood watch brings up a few questions.

What kind of wood is used? Is it from sustainable sources?
Can I be/become allergic to my wood watch?
How do I clean and keep my wood watch clean?
Are JORD watches water resistant?

To get answeres to these questions and a few more visit: Jord Watches Website
and click FAQ in the right top corner of the screen. 

Get your own wood watch at

JORD - (Swedish) - Soil, Ground, Land, Earth, World

Watch was sent for review. View full disclosure by Clicking HERE.

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