Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Office Appropriate Manicure - Subtle yet Stylish

A manicure from last week that got a lot of compliments.

Products used:
Orly - Au Champagne
Stamped with Konad - White
Image Plate/Stamping Plate A41
Konad Top Coat
Orly Top Coat

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Afrikas stjärna - Den försvunna Diamanten

Afrikas stjärna inköpt i Finland 1989 av min syster. Gamla spelmarker och uppdaterade.

Är det här ett spel som du känner igen och gillar att spela?

För länge sen gjorde jag och mina syskon en egen variant av spelet Afrikas stjärna (Den försvunna Diamanten), och vi valde att kalla det Australiens Bumerang. För ett tag sen bestämde jag mig för att det behövdes en uppfräschning, för att min brors barn var nu i skolåldern och började spela spel. Sagt och gjort, spelet fick ett nytt namn - Boomerang - jag designade nya sedlar med gratis-programmet och ritade om alla spelmarker samt spelplanen för hand. Dessutom fick gamla spelpjäser från brädspel nya färger med nagellack.

Uppiffade spelpjäser, nya sedlar och handritade spelmarker till Boomerang.

I samma veva tog jag tag i spelmarkerna till Afrikas stjärna, som den gamla Finska versionen heter. Det är ju så tråkigt när man vet vilken som är diamanten på grund av alla märken. Inte så spännande att spela.

Australiens bumerang

Sökte lite på nätet och på en blogg som heter Spelpappan hittade jag alternativa spelregler och i kommentarerna hade någon som heter Johan en länk där man kunde ladda ner alla spelmarker. Skrev ut och klistrade på ett kraftigare papper. Letade fram mina Paper Punches och till min glädje hade jag en som var nästan exakt rätt storlek, hehe. Hade varit ett pillgöra att sitta och klippa ur alla cirklar, inte det lättaste. Men nu blev det hur snyggt som helst!


Vi gillar att spela båda spelen. Om vi bra är några stycken brukar vi välja Afrikas stjärna, men om vi är fler tar vi Boomerang. Med Appen Star of Afrika får spelet extra spänning. Vi har även använt appen till Boomerang då spelen är väldigt lika.

Vad är ditt/dina barns favorit spel?

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Nail Art and Donuts

I wanted Grey and Rosegold on my nails.
This is what I came up with. Products used:
Essie - Cocktail Bling
Orly - Rococo A-Go-Go
Stamping with China Glaze - Poetic
Image Plate/Stamping Plate
Bundle Monster BM-614 and Cheeky CH40

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Green on green - nail stamping!

Bottle: Color Club - Perfect Mol-Ten

This is a manicure I did in August 2017

Products used:
Models Own - Jade Stone
Stamped with Color Club - Perfect Mol-Ten
Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-318
Rhinestones from Born Pretty Store
Seche Vite Top Coat

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Swatches of Chocolate Orange Eyeshadow Palette

Placed an order at Tam Beauty and got home this Palette among other items. When just looking at the eyeshadows in the pans it does not look that orange. When swatched this is very much an Orange eyeshadow Palette - with Browns, Coppers and Rust colours. It does have a scent to it, but it is more like a chemical Orange, rather than actual orange.

I've only swatched it so far. Of all the shadows I like Clementine the best. Nice and smooth. Haven't had a chance to try them on my eyes yet. So will see how they perform. Usually I can make just about anything work. Just have to when you are on a budget. Been using the orange and red shades from Chocloate Vice, the Black Chocolate Palette and from the New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette.So I thought I might give this Chocolate Orange palette a run for its money.

Swatches are devided in the Left side of the Palette and the
Right side of the Palette. Hope that makes sense.
Did the swatches with my fingers. Photos are taken in natural day light.

Swatches Top Left to Right:
It's Mine, Clementine, Gift, Tap It, Lush, Smash, Peel and Dessert

Swatches Bottom Left to Right:
Chocolate Orange, Ribbon, Silky Smooth, Segment, Pip Orange, Nibble and In One

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Holographic nails with a Roar!

In the picture: Code for the water decals

This is a Manicure from July 2017

Products used:
Color Club - Angel Kiss
Water Decal
Seche Vite Top Coat 

I think the Water Decals are from
I used to have a Code, don't know if it still works.
Check out the Post from the past! - Click Me!

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tips and Tools for a Clean, Fresh and Beautiful Manicure!

Here's a few tips that has helped me get picture ready Nails and a Manicure that lasts for days.

※ A Cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles with. Best done after shower/bath/hand soak so that the skin is soft. (Have you tried rubbing them with sugar or a clean tootbrush?)
I like the stainless steel one. Easy to clean and keep clean!

※ Cotton pads to wipe your nails with acetone, nail polish remover or spirit prior to painting them. Makes your Manicure last longer. An other tip is to add Top Coat at least every other day.

※ An Orangewood stick can be used to wipe away polish from the cuticles and the sides of your nails and fingers. (To remove nail polish from the Orangewood stick I use a nail file and sand it down).
A cotton bud/cotton swab can also be used for clean up.

※ A small flat Brush dipped in Acetone/Nail Polish Remover is really helpfull to clean any polish residue you still have around your nails, that you did not get with the orangewood stick or cotton bud, to really get that crisp and clean finish.
(I started out with an artist brush for painting. Still use it for glitters and holographic polishes).

※ Use Cuticle cream or oil to nourish and moisturize your cuticles with. One of the reasons I like Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is because it smells Lemony Fresh. Don't forget hand cream!

That's a few steps to get you started!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Free Hand Nail Art with Little Birds

Bottle: Wet N Wild - Ebony Hates Chris

Polishes Used:
  • Orly- Halleys Comet
  • Color Club - Perfect Mol-Ten
  • Catherine Arley - 801
  • Isa Dora - Gold Sparkles
  • Catherine Arley 806
  • BK Fashion Nail Color - 20
  • Catrice - Marilyn and Me
  • Savina - Ruby
  • Essence - Glamorous Life
  • Color Club - Ulterior Motive
  • China Glaze - Harmony
  • China Glaze - First Class Ticket 
  • Black Nail Polish
  • Base Coat and Top Coat
  • Dotting Tool and Nail Art Brush

I like this Manicure. Keep coming back to it. I should have watched the Video Tutorial by Robin before doing this manicure. I did not remember how it was done. But still looks good. Next time I do this I have to come up with new polishes as I have sold some of the polishes that was used for it - Whoops!  Robin Moses inspired Nail Art that I have done before. Check it out - Click Me!

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