Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sigma Blending Brushes

When it comes to perfecting your eye makeup, a
quality blending brush is an essential component in doing so.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Born Pretty Store Brush Review + NOTD

A snowy winter manicure and detailing Nail Art Brushes from Born Pretty Store.
I did a Snowflake manicure to test out the brushes. I'm not the best at free hand
nail art. So I just did this simple snowflake with blue rhinestones on each nail.

The brushes comes in 4 small sizes and they are great for small detailing
work on your nails. I used the largest of them to create my simple snowflake.
With small pointed tips these brushes work great for fine detailed nail art.

The link and full name as it appears on the Born Pretty Sore website:

As the base color I used China Glaze - Little Drummer Boy and
layered A England - Morgan Le Fay over it. With white acrylic paint
I did the snowflakes and some dotts using the number 0000 brush. I placed
a small drop of top coat where I wanted the rhinestones to be. Then I
applied top coat to all the nails to keep everything in place.

The link and full name as it appears on the Born Pretty Sore website:

Use Code DPL91 to get 10% off your order.
If 10 people or more use this code there will be Giveaway.
And dont' forget that Born Pretty Store Offers
Free Worldwide Shipping.

Happy shopping at

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New Eyeshadow Palette from Sigma Beauty - Out Now!

NEW: Defining Eyes by TiffanyD‏

Sigma Beauty is very excited to announce an amazing
collaboration and new product! Sigma recently teamed up with beauty
expert Tiffany D who designed her own unique makeup palette.

Introducing, the Defining Eyes Palette by Tiffany D!

Product Release Info

The Defining Eyes Palette is an all-in-one kit designed to enhance,
amplify and brighten your eyes. The palette includes eight eye shadow
shades, two gel liners, a dual ended brush and a dual ended eye liner
pencil. All of the products complement each other perfectly, allowing you
to create a wide variety of looks. The palette comes with a booklet
featuring 5 of Tiffany’s favorite tips and tricks for using the palette.

Product: Defining Eyes by Tiffany D for Sigma Beauty

8 eye shadow shades,
2 gel liners (in black and brown),
a dual ended brush (E55 and E30)
and a dual ended eye liner (in white and navy)

Cost: $55 (follow Tiffany for deals!)
Collection Status: Limited Edition

Available: November 26th, until supplies last
The Defining Eyes Palette is a limited edition Sigma product, so order
yours before it’s too late! The palette is a must-have for the holidays and
wonderful opportunity to own a product developed exclusively by Tiffany!
It would also make a wonderful gift for any makeup lover!

Happy Shopping at Sigma Beauty

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

CLOSED - Thermochromic Pearl Giveaway - CLOSED

Acrylic nails: 4 coats of Thermochromic Pearl over white and the other over black. Nails: 2 layers over nude.

3 winners each get 1x 3 gram Sample Bag of Thermochromic Pearl
The prizes will be shipped by the sponsor: CustomPaintingPearls.Com

Open Internationally. Ends: 12/12/12

How to Enter
Fill in the RaffleCopter Widget.
Comments are not counted as entries.

If you can't wait and want some Thermo Pearl right now.
Get it Here:

Direct link: Blue-White Thermochromic Pearl
Ebay link: Blue-White Thermochromic Pearl

Blog post about the Blue-White Thermochromic Pearl: HERE
YouTube Video about the Thermochromic Pearl: Hot and Cold

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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Manicure using Thermochromic Pearl

I have 2 new products from to show you.
A Chameleon Pearl and a Thermochromic Pearl. I even made a YouTube
Video to show you the color changes of the Thermochromic Pearl.
A link to the video can be found at the end of this blog post.

 So what are these pearls. They are products used to paint cars, motorbikes
and so on. However they can also be mixed into nail polish and that is what
have done. So get your husband, father, brother or anyone who might be
interested in this product to take a look and then make an order together.

Blue-Purple-Red Chameleon Pearl over black and white

The Blue-Purple-Red Chameleon Pearl is best used layered over a darker
color to show up on its best side as it is sheer. It is more of an effect than a color.


I started out with China Glaze - Sunset Sail as "underwear.
Then I applied a few coats of Blue Thermochromic Pearl and
a coat of Blue-Purple-Red Chameleon Pearl on top of that.

"Warm fingers"

The Blue-White Thermochromich pearl changes color depending on the
temperature. If you have warm hands it will be white, and on cold hands they
are blue. When I have been wearing this thermo pearl my hands have been
both cold and warm. And it is so cool to see my nails change color.

"Cold fingers"

Get your Pearls and flakes from:

Listing is up on the website for 4 gram sample
bags of: Blue-White Thermochromic Pearl

Ebay listing is up for 3 gram sample bags of:
Blue-White Thermochromic Pearl

Stay tuned for more exiting news...

GIVEAWAY is now Live - Click HERE!

Link to the YouTube Video: Hot and Cold Thermochromic Manicure
or watch it below:


Pearls was sent for review. To view my full Disclosure Policy visit the Contact Tab.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Get your shopping carts ready! Black Friday
Online Exclusive Event starts at 12AM US CST!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sigma's Black Friday Free Shipping!‏

It’s that time of the year again—Black Friday Free Worldwide Shipping!
This year Sigma are making things even better by offering TWO full days of
free shipping (domestic and First Class International shipping)! The sale will
begin at midnight (12AM Central Standard Time) on Thursday, November 22
and end at midnight (12AM Central Standard Time) on Friday, November 23.
This gives you a whole 48 hours to place your orders!

To redeem your free shipping, simply enter the code BF2012 at
checkout. There is no minimum order, but only one discount code may
be applied. You cannot use the monthly 10% off discount code with the
free shipping so please keep this in mind when placing your orders.

How are you going to take advantage of this year’s Black Friday special?

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Born Pretty Store Special Polish Review and NOTW

Here comes a review and manicure done with 
Special Polish from Born Pretty Store.

My thoughts about Special Polish
from Born Pretty Store

The polish is nice and thick to give an opacue
stamp, with both the Black and White Polish.
There is no weird smell to this polish, smells
just like polish usually does. The polish had an
acrylic paint like feel to it, that was a bit funny. It
did not smear when I applied top coat, so that's a bonus. Not messy at all to remove from the
cuticles. Easy to use other than the image plate
has to be whiped every time after stamping or
the image will not be picked up completely. You
can see that on the stamping I did, some bits of
the Hello Kitty face is missing because I did not
clean the Image Plate every time.

Overall I like this product and would get it again.

The Manicure

As the base color I used Essie - Cocktail Bling. I applied a top
coat over it just in case I made a misstake when stamping, so it would
be easy to carefully whipe it off without ruining the color. Then I stamped,
using both the White and Black Special Polish from Born Pretty Store,
the Hello Kitty Image from M71 Plate also from Born Pretty Store .

The name as it is displayed on the site:
White and Black Color Nail Art Stamping
Polish Nail Varnish Stamp
And the item number ID: 1381

Don't forget to use the 10% off code
when you shop at Born Pretty Store
and they have free worldwide shipping.


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Special Polish was sent for review.
Click the Contact Tab to view my Disclosure Policy.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Black and White Roses - NOTD

Todays manicure is really simple. It looks like it is stamped,
it is not. Applies really quick and easy with no mess. For those
that find stamping difficult this is an option - waterdecals.

I started out with Essence - Better Late Than Never as the base
color. After I had applied top coat I cut up the decals I was going to
use and put them in water for a few seconds. I used small tweezers to
pick up the decals from the water. Then it is just to slide the decals
into place and dab off water with tissue and seal with a Top Coat.

The rose decals I have bought from Viva La Nails and they
have lots of Nail Art related items that you can check out HERE.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sigma Beauty: Gifts Under $25

Gift giving ideas! It's never too early for
holiday inspiration. Shop at Sigma Beauty

Happy shopping at Sigma Beauty

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

TND Mineral EyeShadow Samples

I was browsing on the's Facebook page and came across
photo telling me I can buy 20 samples of my choise and pay only $14 with
Free Shipping Worldwide. I asked about it and and went on to pay on PayPal.
She sent me 5 extra samples and in return I would write a review about TND
Products. The samples comes in small baggies shown in the above photo.

The Green Earth Palette

Top Row Left to Right: 1. Jaded, 2. Frenzy,
3. Raze 4. Aphrodite, 5. New York and 6. Fedora.

Bottom Row Left to Right: 7. Breath of Spring, 8. For Keeps,
9. Okies Shimmer, 10. Forever, 11. Civil and 12. Beige Me.

Jaded, Aphrodite, Civil, Promiscious, Designer and Cosmic.
The Fiery Red Palette

Top Row Left to Right: 1. Enchanted, 2. Enchantress,
3. Cosmic, 4. Promiscuous, 5. No School Today and 6. Designer.

Bottom Row Left to Right: 7. Fashion Diva, 8. Cheeky,
9. Fell In Love, 10. Co.Worker, 11. Ambition and 12. Feedback.

Would I use the samples if I left them in baggies? Probably not! That is why
I bought palettes and pans from TKB Trading, and pressed them. I did that
using TKB's My Mix Press Base and Press It Binder. The sample sizes are
not all the same. Of some of the samples I just got a little on the bottom of
the pan and others I got a full pan out of. From the Jaded sample I was able
to make 2 full pans. One of the samples did not fit in the palettes and it is a
color I will not use, so it was left out. Might include that in some Giveaway.


And lastly an everyday eyemakeup done with TND Samples.
Beige Me on the lid, Okie Shimmer in the outer corner, Fedora in the
crease and lower lid, Fashion Diva in the inner corner. White eyeliner
on the waterline, black liner on the lash line and black mascara.

Some of the shadows are sheer some are more pigmented. Some are glittery,
some shimmery. Fedora is nice and satiny. I didn't pick any matte shades. I'm
really pleased with these Samples. And the palettes I made turned out great.

Where you can get info and buy TND products Facebook Page:

BTW don't miss and enter the Giveaway TND has on their
Facebook Page. - Check it out by Clicking HERE

All photos in this post are taken in natural light.
Swatches and eyemakeup was done over a primer.

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You can find my full Disclosure Policy under the "Contact" Tab

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