Friday, November 23, 2012

A Manicure using Thermochromic Pearl

I have 2 new products from to show you.
A Chameleon Pearl and a Thermochromic Pearl. I even made a YouTube
Video to show you the color changes of the Thermochromic Pearl.
A link to the video can be found at the end of this blog post.

 So what are these pearls. They are products used to paint cars, motorbikes
and so on. However they can also be mixed into nail polish and that is what
have done. So get your husband, father, brother or anyone who might be
interested in this product to take a look and then make an order together.

Blue-Purple-Red Chameleon Pearl over black and white

The Blue-Purple-Red Chameleon Pearl is best used layered over a darker
color to show up on its best side as it is sheer. It is more of an effect than a color.


I started out with China Glaze - Sunset Sail as "underwear.
Then I applied a few coats of Blue Thermochromic Pearl and
a coat of Blue-Purple-Red Chameleon Pearl on top of that.

"Warm fingers"

The Blue-White Thermochromich pearl changes color depending on the
temperature. If you have warm hands it will be white, and on cold hands they
are blue. When I have been wearing this thermo pearl my hands have been
both cold and warm. And it is so cool to see my nails change color.

"Cold fingers"

Get your Pearls and flakes from:

Listing is up on the website for 4 gram sample
bags of: Blue-White Thermochromic Pearl

Ebay listing is up for 3 gram sample bags of:
Blue-White Thermochromic Pearl

Stay tuned for more exiting news...

GIVEAWAY is now Live - Click HERE!

Link to the YouTube Video: Hot and Cold Thermochromic Manicure
or watch it below:


Pearls was sent for review. To view my full Disclosure Policy visit the Contact Tab.

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  1. Very pretty. The second link doesn't work, but the first one is correct.

    1. Thanks! Changed that now. The listing is not up on the website yet. But if you want to buy it you can do so on ebay:

  2. What did you mix the powder with? Just a plain top coat? Or is there a specific polish that you have to use. Thanks!

    1. I used a cheap top coat. You can use suspension base if you want/have it(used for glitters), then it won't sink to the bottom of the bottle so much.


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