Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Born Pretty Store Special Polish Review and NOTW

Here comes a review and manicure done with 
Special Polish from Born Pretty Store.

My thoughts about Special Polish
from Born Pretty Store

The polish is nice and thick to give an opacue
stamp, with both the Black and White Polish.
There is no weird smell to this polish, smells
just like polish usually does. The polish had an
acrylic paint like feel to it, that was a bit funny. It
did not smear when I applied top coat, so that's a bonus. Not messy at all to remove from the
cuticles. Easy to use other than the image plate
has to be whiped every time after stamping or
the image will not be picked up completely. You
can see that on the stamping I did, some bits of
the Hello Kitty face is missing because I did not
clean the Image Plate every time.

Overall I like this product and would get it again.

The Manicure

As the base color I used Essie - Cocktail Bling. I applied a top
coat over it just in case I made a misstake when stamping, so it would
be easy to carefully whipe it off without ruining the color. Then I stamped,
using both the White and Black Special Polish from Born Pretty Store,
the Hello Kitty Image from M71 Plate also from Born Pretty Store .

The name as it is displayed on the site:
White and Black Color Nail Art Stamping
Polish Nail Varnish Stamp
And the item number ID: 1381

Don't forget to use the 10% off code
when you shop at Born Pretty Store
and they have free worldwide shipping.


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