Saturday, December 13, 2014

"Winterize” your nails!

Trending nail polish colors for this winter.

Check out more Nailpolish colors on Julep

I like to keep it simple when I "winterize" my nails.

First off I always start with clean nails and hands. Doing this after a shower or
a bath is ideal. But it works fine with a long handwash with warm water and soap.

A nailbrush works for some, but I like to soak my nails in a bowl with warm water
(just enough to cover the nails) and anywhere from 1 TSP to 1 TBSP of lemon added
to it (Find out what works for you). The acidity of the lemon makes the nails whiter.
And it also loosens any muck you might have going on under the nail.

An orange wood stick (or cuticle pusher) is great to scrape off any of the much
that is stuck under your nails and of course to gently push back your cuticlesMake
sure your orange wood stick is clean when you go about doing your cuticles though.

If my cuticles are dry I like to use a Cuticle stone to remove any dry cuticles.
It also removes build-up from the nails.

Rinse your hands.

If my nails need shaping or shortening this is the time
to take out the file and buffer and get going. Don't over-do it
with the buffer or your nails could get really thin.

Applying nail polish is optional, and you can use any color you like. For best
result use a base coat. Apply 2 coats of your favorite nail polish and seal it all
with top coat. Put your nails in Ice water to dry the polish faster.

Apply a moisturizer. To get the blood going and flowing to your nails,
(after the "ice bath") rub and massage the nails, cuticles and fingers. It's good
for the nails and you get warmer hands - a Bonus in cold winter times.

My hands get really dry when it is cold outside so I really like to apply
generously of a really creamy moisturizing hand cream before I go to sleep
so that my hands are really soft and hydrated when I wake up.

How do you go about "Winterizing" your nails and hands?

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December gifts from Sigma Beauty

10% OFF your order - Code: DEC2014

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Ethereal Radiance

From subtle color-shifting neutrals, duo-chrome brights, to head
on glitter: it’s all about celebrating the season in-style. The most
festive time of year calls for the most jaw dropping variety.

Sets of loose shimmers and glitters are the starting point of any shimmer loving look, ranging from neutral to ball dropping glam. Use them anywhere from your eyes, lips to nail look.

Lip options are bold and ready for a good time. Lip bases in saturated strong and
deep hues can be glossed up with Lip Switch for a transformative effect.

Be the ice queen of a chilly evening soiree, or the shimmer baby
by the fire. The magic of the holographic effect is exemplified in this
collection of products that offer modern ethereal glamour to all.

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Monday, December 8, 2014


For one day only, all brush kits will be 20% OFF with the code SIGMAKIT.

Offer valid Monday, December 8 until 11:59 PM CST.
Offer not valid for wholesale customers.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Re-Pressing and De-Potting and DIY Palette

In my last post (check it out HERE) I showed you what I ordered from
TKB TradingAnd now I want to show you what I have been doing with the
supplies. Plus a great tip at the end of the post for My fellow Penny Pinchers.

I asked my sister if she wanted me to re-press and de-pott some of her makeup
into a Z-palette. She gave me a box of makeup, I almost fainted. A few days later,
with black fingers and glitter and shimmer everywhere, a nice smooth and slim result.

A huge pile of makeup (Photo Collage Above), in 2 large zip-lock
bags, I managed to fit into a converted e.l.f Beauty Book (old style), a Z-palette,
26mm 12-cavity Charcoal Black Palette from TKB and 2 old style TKB 36mm
4-cavity Palettes and one of them I converted by ripping out the foam insert
and adding some more magnetic tape to the bottom.

Do you still have one of the old style Beauty Books or Beauty Encyclopedias from e.l.f?
Do you need somewhere to store your de-potted makeup?

Here's what I did:
  • I took an old e.l.f. Beauty Book - like the Beauty Encyclopedias (that e.l.f UK does not carry anymore) - the new style beauty books with plastic inserts does not work.
  • Removed all the pans and ripped out the foam under them.
  • With a scalpel (x acto knife, carpet knife or similar) I cut the foam insert and ripped that out. Decided to keep the mirror. (No mirror in the Beauty Encyclopedias).
  • I cut a Magnetic Sheet into size and glued it down. (search your Local Craft Store for Magnetic Tape or Magnetic Sheets).
  • Place your De-potted makeup inside.
  • Decorate outside as you like or leave as is.

The idea of converting a Beauty Book came to me when I was re-pressing and
de-potting my sisters makeup and relized I would not fit all of it in the z-palette. I had to
come up with something. I remembered the Magnetic Sheet that I've had for years,
wanting to do a similar storage as the z-palette, but just have not found the right box untill
now. The funny thing is that I have been cleaning out and re-organizing my makeup
stash and de-potted or re-pressed a lot of it. And just recently I gave away unused e.l.f.
Beauty Books with foam inserts and threw out a bunch of them that was empty. - *FacePalm*

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Monday, December 1, 2014

TKB "Press Pack"

TKB Trading is a great place if you like makeup, especially if you would like
to make your own. They have the supplies you need at a very wallet friendly cost.

I stocked up on MyMix Press-It Binder as it is a good all-purpose pressing medium. I still

had some My Mix Press Base left so I thought I would try out the TKB Matte Texture Base.
Lets see if I can see any difference. I use the My Mix Press Base and Binder to press loose
mineral eyeshadows and pigments. I also add them to any eyeshadow that is not perfoming
as I would like it too. Because they usually do get better as these products improves the slip
and adhesion. That way the loved eyeshadows that does not perform so well gets an other
chance of beeing used up. No one wants to throw away a color they love.

I ordered some more supplies I need for re-pressing my eyeshadows, blushes and
other makeup to place into my Z-Palettes. I almost got the FlexStyle palettes that TKB
Trading has, but then decided that three Z palettes is enough for me. Also realized that
one of them is currently empty. I also have six of TKB's 26mm 12-cavity Charcoal Black
Palettes and four of the 4-well magnetic 36mm cavity palettes (Retired - old Style). They
look like e.l.f Essential Elements Custom Palettes but a little bit bigger and black. (Anyone
looking for those TKB Old Style Palettes can buy them from me, just let me know). And at
that I have 2 Interchangeable Palette: 12 Piece from Coastal Scents. So I think that is
enough. Money is a bit tight right now so have to sell something in order to get
something else. Have a look at my Blog Sales HERE you might find something.

26mm Round Tin Pans - 15mm Round Press Pack

I ended up buying more of 26mm Round Tin Pans as I have used up what I had.
And then I wanted to try out the 15mm Round Tin Pans so I got the Press Pack as
you get 9 godets with it. In those I can press eyeshadows that I only have very little
of left but would still like to use up. Look at how cute and small those 15mm pans are.

Then I was looking to get more large pans for blushes, contours and bronzers, as have
filled up my 36mm round pans, but didn't feel the need to get 25 (that is the smallest amount
you can buy). So once again I got a Press Pack (Large  Rectangle 54x26mm)  that has 9
pans. I'm also planning on pressing my sisters eyeshadows into a Z-Palette, as a surprise
for her, so I got a differet style goddet for her, 26mm Square Tin Pans + the Press Pack
with 9 godets and the pressing tiles so I can make the makeup look nice and smooth.

26mm Square Press pack - Large Rectangle 54x26mm Press Pack

When blending a custom shade of eyeshadows I want to grind the
pigments together properly so I bought a Mini Mortar and Pestle. And
then pass it through the Mini Sieve so that I get a finer powder that is easier
to press and get it smooth. The small Spatula I got to scrape things out.
Spatula, Mini Sieve and Mini Mortar and Pestle

Z-Palette is having a Cyber Monday Deal - 20% off - Check it Out HERE

Are you lemming for a Z-Palette but don't want to splurge?
Check out TKB Tradings Flexstyle Palette. You get 2 for $15

TKB has declared that they will to do something special for

Cyber Monday (that's December 1st) so keep an eye out for that.


Cyber Monday Deal (good from now through Midnight EST 12/1/2014)

14% off all orders placed by Midnight EST (Eastern Time) 12/1/2014
if you use the coupon code: Cyber Monday (or, cybermonday)

I'm off to press some eyeshadows so that I don't get tempted to look at all
the Cyber Monday Deals. But there is a great one from Sigma Beauty you can
check out. Just Click the link: Sigma Cyber Monday: 20% OFF Sitewide
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Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 20% off Code: CM2014

Happy Shopping at Sigma Beauty

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog Sale - Shoes

Shoe 01

Leather shoes. Somewhat worn but still in nice condition. (Björn Borg)

150.- SEK 100,-

Shoe 02

Platoe heels. Worn 1 time.

200.- SEK 150,-

Shoe 03

Hardly worn pumps.

150.- SEK 100,-

Shoe 08

Shoe 04

Worn only a few times.

100.- SEK 75,-

Shoe 09

If you are interested please email me at ida-pie (at) hotmail (dot) com

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Brushes You Need NOW

Discover the best in brushes to complete your collection.

Sigma Beauty: Extravaganza Complete Kit - Chrome

The Extravaganza Collection is a lavish assortment of hand-crafted brushes with luxurious,
specialty-plated ferrules. The Extravaganza Complete Kit – Chrome features 29 of our best-selling
brushes with hand-polished, chrome-plated ferrules and comes in a deluxe carrying case,
perfect for traveling and storage. Everything you need for a luxurious makeup application.

Brushes Included:
  • E05 - Eye Liner: Create smooth and even lines. Use with gel or liquid liners.
  • E10 - Small Eye Liner: Precise application of liner. Use with gel or liquid liners.
  • E15 - Flat Definer: Sharp and precise application. Press product along upper and lower lash lines to create an easy thin liner. Works with gel, liquid or powder products.
  • E20 - Short Shader: Concentrated color application. Apply color onto small areas of the eye such as the outer eyelid. Also use to smudge the lower lash line.
  • E25 - Blending: Controlled blending. Blend colors together onto the lid with added control. Buff out harsh lines for a well blended effect.
  • E30 - Pencil: Soften and smoke out lines. Soften pencil liners along the top and bottom lash lines, add shadow to line the eyes, or use to highlight inner corner of eyes.
  • E35 - Tapered Blending: Controlled application of crease color. Using just the tip of the brush to pick up color, apply directly onto the crease and sweep through. Effect is blended, but defined.
  • E40 - Tapered Blending: Soft blended crease. Using just the tips to apply color, sweep back and forth through the crease for a diffused and blended finish.
  • E45 - Small Tapered Blending: Precise color application onto the crease. Picking up color with just the tip of the brush, apply intense colors to the crease to add depth and dimension to the eye.
  • E50 - Large Fluff: Controlled highlighting. Apply highlighting shades onto the brow bone or upper cheekbone. Gives a soft and blended finish.
  • E55 - Eye Shading: Even application of color. Place color across the whole lid for an even and strong application of product.
  • E60 - Large Shader: Uniformly cover the whole lid with product. Apply cream shadow base or cream shadow for quick and even coverage.
  • E65 - Small Angle: Create precise lining. Moves fluidly and easily across the upper and lower lash lines. Use with gel, cream or powder liners.
  • E70 - Medium Angled Shading: Soft application of color. Use for brow highlighting or to blend the crease.
  • F05 - Small Contouring: Contour cheeks. Buff and blend contour shades under cheekbone and jaw line for a chiseled look.
  • F10 - Powder/Blush: Precise placement of blush. Use for powder application.
  • F15 - Duo Fibre Powder/Blush: Soft blush application. Generates a diffused blush application. Works especially well with mineral product for a natural and delicate effect.
  • F20 - Large Powder: Controlled bronzer application. Bronzing of the cheekbones and temple area. Using the flat side gives definition and control.
  • F25 - Tapered Face: Exact product placement onto cheeks. Apply powder, blush or contour shades onto the cheeks and temples. Tapered shape gives exact placement of product.
  • F30 - Large Powder: Even powder application .Uniform blending of powder products onto the face and body.
  • F35 - Tapered Highlighter: Subtle highlighting. Apply highlighting shades onto the upper contours of the face. Diffused finish gives skin a natural glow.
  • F40 - Large Angled Contour: Cheek application. Use the angle to softly contour the cheekbone. Can also be used to apply blush.
  • F50 - Duo Fibre: Creates an airbrush effect onto the skin. Can be used with powder, liquid or cream products.
  • F55 - Small Duo Fibre: Creates a controlled airbrush effect onto the skin. Use with cream or powder blush and highlighting products.
  • F60 - Foundation: Smooth foundation application. Apply liquid or cream products such as foundation and primer.
  • F65 - Large Concealer: Conceal larger areas of the face or body. Works well with liquid or cream products.
  • F70 - Concealer: Conceal small areas. Conceal the hardest to reach areas such as around the nose and eyes.
  • F75 - Concealer: Precise product placement. Use around the lip area to conceal when wearing bold lip colors.
  • L05 - Lip: Precise application of color onto the lips. Use the firm edge to define and contour the lips.

Don't forget the Black Friday Deal

Free Worldwide Shipping with code BF2014

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Would you wear this color?

Ett foto publicerat av/Photo publiched by: Barry M Official Instagram (@barrymcosmetics)
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday

Free shipping for 48 hours with code: BF2014
The promotion will begin on November 27 at 12AM PST
and end at November 28 at 11:59 PM PST.

Happy shopping at Sigma Beauty


Born Pretty Store Black Friday Event

10% off Code:  DPL91

From Twitter

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Born Pretty Store Image Plate Review and Manicure

Part 2 of the Born Pretty Store Image Plates, with a manicure.

Below are Image Plate BP-01 and BP-02 "swatched" with Konad Black on
paper. And I should just say that stamping on paper and nails is not at all the same
thing. But overall these two plates seem to stamp well. The finer details and the bigger
fields of color all look like they transfered onto the paper. I used a Konad stamper
and a soft silicone stamper. A harder stamper than what I used could have trouble
picking up the finer lines so I would recommend using a stamper of the softer sort.

Manicure -  - Nordic Nights

For the manicure I used China Glaze - Millennium, Metallic Muse and
Little Drummer Boy. I Sponged them on for a gradient effect. And then topped
that off with a thin coat of China Glaze - He's Going in Circles for a little sparkle.
I was imagening it as Snowfall on a Nordic Night glimmering in the starlight.
From BP-01 I used the reindeer image and stamped with Konad Black.

Pros: Images that stamp well
Cons: Some plates have too many images making them too close to eachother.

But I still feel that these two plates are a nice addition to my
Image Plate Collection. Even though BP-01 has limited use to it.

Don't forget to use my 10% off code: DPL91

Check out my First Post on this Subject - Click HERE

Image Plates sent for review

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Blog Sale - Nail Polish

Make me an offer for all of them or just some of them.
 Shipping from Sweden. Sold as is. No returns.
Payment with PayPal to: ida-pie (at) hotmail (dot) com
You pay fees. Orders and questions sent to above email.

Most polishes has only been swatched or used for 1-3 manis.
See fill lines.

1. Ozotic
2. Nubar  - $15
3. OPI
4. Misa
L-R: 529, Nubar 2010, Go On Green, Phazers on Stunning

5. Models Own - Beetlejuice +1
Emerald Black, Purple Blue, Pinky Brown, Golden Green, Aqua Violet,
(+1) Evergreen

6. Scotch Naturals (Water Polish)
Ingrediants: Water, Acrylic Polymer Emulsion, Butoxy Diglycol, 
Non Toxic Colorants Made in USA
L-R: Base/Top Coat, Neat, Stone Fence, Seaboard
L-R: Hot Toddy, Ceasefire, Blood and Sand, Black Tartan

Make me an offer for all of them or just some of them.
Shipping from Sweden. Sold as is. No returns.

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