Sunday, December 7, 2014

Re-Pressing and De-Potting and DIY Palette

In my last post (check it out HERE) I showed you what I ordered from
TKB TradingAnd now I want to show you what I have been doing with the
supplies. Plus a great tip at the end of the post for My fellow Penny Pinchers.

I asked my sister if she wanted me to re-press and de-pott some of her makeup
into a Z-palette. She gave me a box of makeup, I almost fainted. A few days later,
with black fingers and glitter and shimmer everywhere, a nice smooth and slim result.

A huge pile of makeup (Photo Collage Above), in 2 large zip-lock
bags, I managed to fit into a converted e.l.f Beauty Book (old style), a Z-palette,
26mm 12-cavity Charcoal Black Palette from TKB and 2 old style TKB 36mm
4-cavity Palettes and one of them I converted by ripping out the foam insert
and adding some more magnetic tape to the bottom.

Do you still have one of the old style Beauty Books or Beauty Encyclopedias from e.l.f?
Do you need somewhere to store your de-potted makeup?

Here's what I did:
  • I took an old e.l.f. Beauty Book - like the Beauty Encyclopedias (that e.l.f UK does not carry anymore) - the new style beauty books with plastic inserts does not work.
  • Removed all the pans and ripped out the foam under them.
  • With a scalpel (x acto knife, carpet knife or similar) I cut the foam insert and ripped that out. Decided to keep the mirror. (No mirror in the Beauty Encyclopedias).
  • I cut a Magnetic Sheet into size and glued it down. (search your Local Craft Store for Magnetic Tape or Magnetic Sheets).
  • Place your De-potted makeup inside.
  • Decorate outside as you like or leave as is.

The idea of converting a Beauty Book came to me when I was re-pressing and
de-potting my sisters makeup and relized I would not fit all of it in the z-palette. I had to
come up with something. I remembered the Magnetic Sheet that I've had for years,
wanting to do a similar storage as the z-palette, but just have not found the right box untill
now. The funny thing is that I have been cleaning out and re-organizing my makeup
stash and de-potted or re-pressed a lot of it. And just recently I gave away unused e.l.f.
Beauty Books with foam inserts and threw out a bunch of them that was empty. - *FacePalm*

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"

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