Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dollar Nail Art HAUL

My stuff from Dollar Nail Art arrived.

I have never tried Nail Art Foils before.
So this will be a new experience.

Foil Adhesive, Green Lightbeams,Cherry O's, Snake Skin, Silver Starburst
Cashmir Gold, African Jade, Gold Starburst, Gold Spectrum, Opal Swirl

Bullion Beads - Gold, Iridescent glitter - Mandarin Frost, Ice chips - White AB
Glitter - Seafoam,  Iridescent - White AB, Iridescent - Strawberry Sorbet

Their Valentine's Special

Flat Hearts - White Pearl (+1 free),  Hex - Raspberry Ice,
Hex - White Ice (hardly visible in the picture) 
Hex - Assorted, Tape Strips Assorted

I bought 3 carousels and filled 2 of them
This was a set of 10 color dots ($8.50 or $1 each)
Silver, black, gold, green,
aqua, capri blue, midnight blue,
purple, bright red, fuchsia.

Faseted Studs - Silver, Black, Lime
The only misstake in the order I got
12 Mini Hearts- Ivory Pearl instead of Baby pearls - Ivory
Square Studs - Gold, Black, Silver
Baby Pearls AB
Rhinestones AB Chrystal

The Studs, Dots and Rhinestones came in zip lock bags.
That is why I bought the carousels

This is their Shipping rates in US.
They ship world wide.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY Nail polish remover container

I wanted to share with you how I made a Nail polish remover container
with a sponge. Mine was old and nasty. And I needed a new one.

Let's get to it!
 This is what you need: Sponge, container(s), something to cut with.

Make sure the sponge and container are deep enough.
If you use a bigger container you can doubble up the sponge.

My sponge had that white stuff on it so I had to cut that off. I
cut the sponge a bit bigger than my container. Then I just cut
off the corners. Make a cut in the middle for your finger.

Pour your Polish remover or Acetone in and get to it.

I replaced the sponge in my old container. And did a new one.
You can do one for dark, one for light and one for glitter polishes.

Don't throw away the pieces you cut off.

You can use them for sponging nail polish.
__ __ __

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I'm  busy busy busy and oh so sleepy.
Just past midnight.
I want to show you something cute.

It's my mothers cat -well nose.


Good night! God natt! Hyvä yötä!

Update! This Cat is no longer with us. She got old and sick...

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bracelets by Ida Pie

Can you tie knots?
Then you can do something like this.

This is what I did past sunday to my mother.
It is quick, easy and fun. And it looks nice.

I also made this box for her to put them in.

 These following bracelets I have made before.

I like to wear  atleast two
or more bracelets at a time.

Color coordinated beads.

I useed an old necklace
and bought some new beads.

You can also do these without the beads.
Just tie the knots. That looks cool too.

Here I chose red as an accent color.
It really pops out.

Mixing size and shape of the beads 
brings life to the design.

To open you just pull the bracelet.
Pull the beads to close.
It is that easy.  

This is what I use
when I make the Macrame bracelets.

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China Glaze - Mommy Kissing Santa

I have heard/read so many good things about this polish.
Really wanted it. And now I have it.
Did I get the dodgiest polish of them all?

Application was so weird. Or was it me, I don't know.
I had to do it over and over and over again.
And it still did not look good.

However I LOVE the color.
A deep red shimmer,
a bit on the brown side,
with a hint of gold.
(Picture on the left.)

I applied: (Same for all Pictures)
 1 coat to my little finger
2 coats ring finger
3 coats middle finger
4 coats index finger
No base or top coat

Little finger is really patchy. Ring finger has a bald spot. Middle finger is ok.
Drying time? I don't know 'cause I removed it before the 3 and 4 layers had dried.
I am a bit dissapointed. Yet I love the color. Torn!


In the following day light pictures the application looks
strangely enough ok. Even though it is the same 1-2-3-4 coats.

Above with day light from behing
Below with day light straight on

I have to try this again as I loved the color.
And hope it was just me having an off day, not the polish.

Frightened that I will fail again... What could I pick up instead?

What do you think?

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Ljustält för produktfoto - Lightbox/tent

I'd like to have this
Det här skulle jag vilja ha

(Edit link)

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

He's Going In Circles

This Manicure I did a few weeks ago. Wanted to share it with you.
China Glaze - He's going in circles. The only polish I have from the
Kaleidoscope collection. I did a Stamp on my ringfinger with
Bundle Monster plate BM14 and added some Rhinestones.

 A blurred photo to show the holo (glitter)

a bit better. Sorry no sunlight :(  - I love this polish.

 I actually had this manicure for TWO WEEKS with minimum tip wear.
I used Sally Hansen - Diamond Shine as a top coat. 2 layers.
And then later on added one more.
But this happened (Photo Below) to the polish on 3 of my nails after 10 days of wear.
It cracked. I do not know why. Maybe because the polish by now was really dry.

The Formula of China Glaze - He's Going in Circles is really thin. So I layred it over
IsaDora - Vintage Mint 1 layer and 2 layers of the Holo.

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Makeup using 120 palette

For this look i used the 120 palette (Amazon).
I used purple and teal green and as highlight a light gold. The teal I applied over a gel eyeliner in black.

This might look good with a purple or teal mascara.
But I don't own one. So I went with black.

And that is a "Piece of Pie"

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Konad Manicure

This is what I have been wearing on my Nails for the past 6 days.

The photos are taken day 3-5.
I did not have my camera when I did this over at my mothers house.
That kinda bums me.
But I just have to do this again some time.

Over a black polish I stamped with Color Club - Wild at Heart

I used 2 Images from Konad Image Plate M63.
As a base and topcoat I used Sally Hansen Diamond Shine.

 Detail of my ring finger with Rhinestones.

Hope you liked that.
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