Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dollar Nail Art HAUL

My stuff from Dollar Nail Art arrived.

I have never tried Nail Art Foils before.
So this will be a new experience.

Foil Adhesive, Green Lightbeams,Cherry O's, Snake Skin, Silver Starburst
Cashmir Gold, African Jade, Gold Starburst, Gold Spectrum, Opal Swirl

Bullion Beads - Gold, Iridescent glitter - Mandarin Frost, Ice chips - White AB
Glitter - Seafoam,  Iridescent - White AB, Iridescent - Strawberry Sorbet

Their Valentine's Special

Flat Hearts - White Pearl (+1 free),  Hex - Raspberry Ice,
Hex - White Ice (hardly visible in the picture) 
Hex - Assorted, Tape Strips Assorted

I bought 3 carousels and filled 2 of them
This was a set of 10 color dots ($8.50 or $1 each)
Silver, black, gold, green,
aqua, capri blue, midnight blue,
purple, bright red, fuchsia.

Faseted Studs - Silver, Black, Lime
The only misstake in the order I got
12 Mini Hearts- Ivory Pearl instead of Baby pearls - Ivory
Square Studs - Gold, Black, Silver
Baby Pearls AB
Rhinestones AB Chrystal

The Studs, Dots and Rhinestones came in zip lock bags.
That is why I bought the carousels

This is their Shipping rates in US.
They ship world wide.

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading! - Feel free to comment.

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