Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sigma Beauty Product Review

I have a quick review for you. I got 3 Eyeshadows and
4 brushes from the Performance Eyes Kit from Sigma Beauty.

I should have done this review like two summers ago. But I have been
putting it off as I don't really have much nice things to say about the products
I got. But then I thought that that is no reason not to do a review, but a great
 reason to actually let you guys know what I think about these products.

Individual Eyeshadow $11

Resist (Now on sale for $7.70)

First off the Eyeshadows feels really silky and smooth. Seems to be pigmented
and rich in color. They look good in the swatches on my hand. However the more
I used them the less I was impressed by them. They are a bit powdery and when
applying there is "fly away" and fall out. The colors are not that unique, I found a few
"dupes" or at least very similar colors in my stash that I like better. When you blend
them the color fades away and you need to apply more to have somekind of color left.

What is good about these is that thay are Paraben Free

All in all
I will not be buying any of these eyeshadows
even though I have hit the pan on the lightest color.

Makeup Brushes $14 - $16
SigmaTech™ synthetic fibers

Eyeliner - E11
Smudge - E21
Shader - Crease - E47
Blending E36

These brushes are for presicion work. I don't use them in my everyday makeup.
I do try to find use for them but my makeup is usually very simple and I don't use many
brushes at all. The one brush I use most out of these is probably Smudge - E21. 

I think these brushes are better suited for a
Makeup Artist or someone who does Makeup Tutorials.

Sigma Beauty 10% Off Code: GLOWGETTER

Two of my favorite Makeup Brushes from Sigma:

F82 - Round Kabuki

F80 - Flat Top Kabuki

The products was sent for review.
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