Monday, October 31, 2011

Alien Embryo Nail Art

China Glaze - Peace on Earth
China Glaze - Peace on Earth
I don't like this polish much. Because it is "Brush Strokes Galore".
Had it for a long time, not used it much. I was hoping that I could
do konading with this over green. But no! Maybe I'll try frankening.
I don't remember if this was 2 or 3 coats. At least 2.

Had to come up with something to cover up the brush strokes.
Sponged La Femme Beauty - Ultra Green along the center of the nail
using a sponge tip applicator (from an elf eye shadow quad).

Wanted to brighten it up some more and
sponged with La Femme Beauty - Ultra Yellow

Picked out Bundle Monster plate BM-213
and Konad Black Pearl to stamp with.

Sponged Orly - Halleys Comet over the print.
Topped it with Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat.

 Tested the idea on plastic first. Looked a lot better on there that on the nail.
Well well... We live - we learn. Can't be perfect all the time.

 What do you guys think?
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ELF - Nail Polish Swatches

ELF Nail Polish - Cranberry and Rosy Raisin
Cranberry and Rosy Raisin - Outdoors
About time to post these pictures. Swatches are done in the summer - HELLO!
Busy summer it seems.

I absolutely love Cranberry.
Oh la laa!
Rosy Raisin is not so much me.
Teal I cant get enough of. And the copper is a great color for fall. Used it in this POST
Cranberry and Rosy Raisin
Cranberry and Rosy Raisin

ELF Nail Polish - Teal (On the bottle it says Teal Blue).
Unfortunately in most cases the ELF brushes are wonky.

ELF Nail Polish - Copper

All swatches are 2 coats. No base coat. No top coat.

I have all the ELF Nail Polishes. Got them at 50% off.
 If there is one you want to see swatched just leave a comment.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

ELF - Lips

 ELF - Luscious Liquid Lipstick

Cherry Tart
 The Luscious Liquid Lipstick
applicator looks like this.

I don't know why they are called lipstick
when they clearly are lip gloss.
Cherry Tart

ELF - Plumping Lip Glaze
 I can't use the plumper cause that stings/tingles too much.

The applicator on the Plumping Lip Glaze
looks like this.

Ruby Kiss
Plumping Gloss
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Robin Moses inspired fall Mani

I was trying the Sally Hansen - Vanilla Bean to see if it could be
made opaque. I did 3 coats and still there was VNL. I stoped there
because I did not buy this polish hoping it would be opaque.
I wanted a French Manicure Polish. And this is great for it.
Application was smooth and easy and it dried fast.

Sally Hansen Extreme Wear - 04 Vanilla Bean

As I had this polish on my nails I thought that I could do
a Manicure based on a Robin Moses design. (I'll post a link
to her YouTube tutorial at the end of this post). 

I guess it looks ok. But not great. Just look at those horrid thick lines.
I'm going crazy trying to find a good brush to do nail art with. I don't know
how many brushes I have bought and some I've cut like her. But no. Or maybe
it is just me... And I'm struggling to get the acrylic paint to be right. Other than that
it is a cute mani that I will try again, maybe with a Konad print instead.

Nail Polishes I used:
Sally Hansen - 04 Vanilla Bean
ELF - Copper and Burgundy
Loreal Jet-Set - 754
BYS - N66 Astro Gold
Black Acrylick Paint

 Watch the Robin Moses YouTube Tutorial of this nail art HERE
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dotted Tangerine

I desided to stay on this Orange wave I've got going.
Todays Nail Art Manicure presents Mavala - Tangerine 147
Nail Art Glitter from Viva la Nails - Glitter (Neon) Coral
and Dazzling Rounds - Rose (the bigger circles) also from Viva la Nails.
Then I used a medium sized dotter and black polish for the dotts.

Somehow this made me think of a cat animal. A leopard maybe.
The dotts reprecent the leopard hanging on a tree branch
with the tail hanging down or something.
The brain works in musterious ways.

 This Nail Art design is actually more funky and fun in real life.
It was hard to capture it on photo. Got a lot of compliments too.
A girl on the tube/metro asked where I had got my nails done. :)

Let me know if you give it a try, or if you do it with your own twist.

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Mini Polish Haul + Layering Mani

I picked up these two random Nail Polishes at a store where everything
is maked with a red price tag just like there would be a sale going on.

BK Deluxe Premium Nail Polish. The polishes don't have any names
and unfortenatly the labels with their numbers had been peeled off.

The one with the purple tinted base, has large opalecent hex glitters and
small glitters. And the orange has gold reflecting small hex glitters.
Didn't think much of the polishes but wanted to try them anyway.
As I could use them in frankening experiments othervise.
Seems like I have an orange theme going on here as my previous post
was about orange Nail Polish. But it was a little surprise when I layered this...

I used La Femme Beauty - Ebony 29 to layer the
Orange glitter BK Deluxe polish over. I also added a
glitter polish from La Femme Beauty - Sapphire towards the
base of my nail and loose glitter (at the tip) from Viva la Nails
called Glitter (Neon) Green. It consists of larger opalecent
hex glitter and small green glitters.

Now onto the surprise I had when applying the orange glitter BK deluxe polish...
The plain looking orange tinted base glitter had a complete transformation.

My red camera is visible on the nails. This is when
you wish you had an other color camera. Haha.

But look at those colors. It is so pretty. From gold to teal.

 I did not know this would be so gorgeus so the application of
the black polish was a bit sloppy and bumpy, done in haste.

 Viva la Nails - Glitter (Neon) Green
La Femme Beauty - Sapphire

Sorry about the bad lighting in the pictures. I have yet to put up a new photo
corner with a light tent/diffusion box. As I have rearranged my workspace I
took down the old one made out of a cardboard box. Wanting to do something
sturdier or even buy a real photo tent. We will see...

Have you had any plesent/unplesent surprises when applying/layering nail polish?

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And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ultra Tangerine

I have so much to post and yet I don't. What's up with that?
I am sorry that I have been neglecting you my lovely followers.

I want to swatch and post all of my polishes. Even tho I have nothing
that have not been seen before on other blogs. It's mostly for me.
So that I can see what I have and not. What I have used and so on...
Kinda like keeping track of things.

Orange - not a favorite color so I don't have many orange polishes.
And it is hard for me to be inspired by a color that is not a favorite.

This is La Femme Beauty - UltraTangerine

 This is two coats no top coat, not very shiny, not matte.
Easy application. Not a special brush but nothing wonky about it.
And yes the Nail Line is showing. For me that is not a problem.

Blue light (6000 Kelvin mimics daylight) and it looks like it is glowing.

I wanted to do something simple as I knew that this mani would not
last a long time on my nails. So I whipped out my IsaDora Graffiti
(Crackle) Nail Top - Subway Green. I did not bother with top coat.

IsaDora Graffiti Nails for the New Manicure Look

Then I just went nuts with some dotts using
La Femme Beauty - Ultra Yellow and Ultra green.

L-R: La Femme Beauty - Ultra Tangerine,Ultra Yellow and Ultra Green

Let's just call this a fail.

Warm light - up
Cold light - down

 Now onto something nicer...

 This is the latest IsaDora Graffitti Glitter Nail Top Collection
Sorry I don't have it so I can't show you swatches of it :(

 Isadora Graffiti Glitter nail top

Do you have a favorite crackle polish?

__  __  __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


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