Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cosmetics 4 Less - Haul

 Just a quick post on nail polish from Cosmetics 4 Less.
The ship worldwide. (Cosmetics 4 Less on Facebook)

This is my second order from Cosmetics 4 Less. This time only  Nail Polish. Nothing special just basic things you need. (I've made a third  order. I'll post that some other time).

The Sally Hansen SALON "French Manicure Kit" contains two "pens" to create your French manicure. Hmm what to say... I have not used this much (the sheer color pen not at all). I can imagine having this set with me in my purse and do touch ups on the go. But not an entire French Manicure. I just don't see that happening.
How to use them?  I've used the white pen to make dots. Press the pen point to activate and draw on French White Tip. Shake the Sheer color pen. Click the top of pen to start flow of color.
 It looked interesting... But I think you can do without this product.

It's so funny how it on the box says: ..."fine point for the most accurate
French White Tip Possible". I think that rather depends on
who is holding the pen. Don't you think?

How the Manicure "pen" tips look like

I got a bunch of base and top coats.
A couple of things I want to try out and some back ups.

First Picture: Sally Hansen Lift Preventer 7 day Nail Sealer.
This is to stop lifting and extend the wear of any nail enhancements,
acrylic, gel or wrap. Instantly seals & Waterproofs. Smooth out ridges,
bumps or imperfections.
I don't know if I am supposed to wear this on natural nails.
I've never used this product before. Tried it over nail wraps
(full cover nail stickers). I'll tell you about that in an other post.

Second Picture: Sally Hansen Triple Strong "Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier".
An other "new" thing I wanted to try out. Reinforces, Strengthens & Protects
with Titanium. Instantly bonds to thin, weak nails. Brealthrough gel suspension
formula combines three nail strenghteners in one: Epoxy Polymer reinforces nails
and adds flexibility; Calcium Complex helps strenghten and enhance
nail structure; Titanium Complex helps defend against daily wear and tear.
 Free Problem Cuticle Remover that elimintes overgrown
cuticles and soothes with Aloe Vera.

Titanium is a light, strong, lustrous metal that resists the damaging,
corrosive effects of environmental stressors like chlorine and sea water (salt).

First Picture: Sally Hansen Natural Shine. Easy brush-on formula
delivers a healthy, radiant finish that enhances the beauty
of natural nails... no buffing required. Dries instantly to a soft sheen.

Second Picture: Stocking up on Sally Hansen Nail Quencher
Hydrating Base Coat
(My Favorite but I think this is discontinued) 

 First Picture: Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Fortyfying Base & Top Coat.
Strengthens with Micro-Polymers and moisturises for better flexibility.

 Second Picture: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener.
Stops Nails from Braking. Real diamond particles in a breakthrough
ultra-hardening formulainstantly bonds to nails with a shatterproof
protective coating. Seals in moisture to nourish nails and encourage
healthy nail growth. Free Diamond Strength Cuticle & Nail Refiner.

Diamond Strength - Diamond Shine - Diamond Wear
Real diamond particles are known to add strength and durability plus brilliant,
lustrous shine. Nails grow harder, stronger and more beautiful in just 5-7 days.

Here is an other French Manicure kit I wanted to try.
Bourjois French Manicure Kit
So what is special with this one?
The brush is specially designed for Nail Tips!

KIT: French White, Rose Lounge 28, Top Coat
 Bourjois has produced an ingenious brush whose shape is adapted to the tip of the nail, so you can easily achive a French manicure to rival a salon finish.

And it's true. It was quick and easy to use this special "french" brush with great results. I can say it works!

The french manicure brush is not the only good brush. I think that Bourjois has really good brushes on their polishes. I like that shape and size.

Saffron is a brand of Nail Polish I have never used.
I got this set Saffron Crackling with a Silver metallic as the base color
and a Red Crackle Polish and a Top Coat.

Left:  Revlon: Slipper (From a 2010 Collection I think).
Middle: W7: Earthquake Silver Limited Edition Crackle
Right: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear
04 Vanilla Bean. And it really is Xtreme Wear.
Used this in a manicure (yet to post)
and NO chipping in over 2 weeks.

Technic shine & shimmer Shade 11
You have a small container at the top with micro glitter to sprinkle on you nails.

The rest of the polishes are all La Femme Beauty

Fiery Planets 16 (Jelly) Used this polish in this NOTD
Ebony 29 (Creme Top 2 black polish I have.
Not counting Konad for Stamping)
White 28 (Creme)

Ultra Green 129
Ultra Yellow 128
Ultra Tangerine 131

Azure 34
Emerald 36
Mint 20

Electric Blue 31
Mirage 89 (Glitter)
Sapphire 88 (Glitter)

Cosmos 83 (Glitter) and Jupiter 84 (Glitter)

I'll tell you more about the Nail Polish Colors
when I get to use them more and Swatch them for you.

What would you like to see first?
__  __  __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


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