Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mini Polish Haul + Layering Mani

I picked up these two random Nail Polishes at a store where everything
is maked with a red price tag just like there would be a sale going on.

BK Deluxe Premium Nail Polish. The polishes don't have any names
and unfortenatly the labels with their numbers had been peeled off.

The one with the purple tinted base, has large opalecent hex glitters and
small glitters. And the orange has gold reflecting small hex glitters.
Didn't think much of the polishes but wanted to try them anyway.
As I could use them in frankening experiments othervise.
Seems like I have an orange theme going on here as my previous post
was about orange Nail Polish. But it was a little surprise when I layered this...

I used La Femme Beauty - Ebony 29 to layer the
Orange glitter BK Deluxe polish over. I also added a
glitter polish from La Femme Beauty - Sapphire towards the
base of my nail and loose glitter (at the tip) from Viva la Nails
called Glitter (Neon) Green. It consists of larger opalecent
hex glitter and small green glitters.

Now onto the surprise I had when applying the orange glitter BK deluxe polish...
The plain looking orange tinted base glitter had a complete transformation.

My red camera is visible on the nails. This is when
you wish you had an other color camera. Haha.

But look at those colors. It is so pretty. From gold to teal.

 I did not know this would be so gorgeus so the application of
the black polish was a bit sloppy and bumpy, done in haste.

 Viva la Nails - Glitter (Neon) Green
La Femme Beauty - Sapphire

Sorry about the bad lighting in the pictures. I have yet to put up a new photo
corner with a light tent/diffusion box. As I have rearranged my workspace I
took down the old one made out of a cardboard box. Wanting to do something
sturdier or even buy a real photo tent. We will see...

Have you had any plesent/unplesent surprises when applying/layering nail polish?

__  __  __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


  1. Wow looks amazing I would never think to layer so many things but guess who will be playing when the reorganization is complete :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  2. Thank you! I wanted to try if the glitters had the same colors. And they did. Just different sizes. So it was like a glitter gradient from big to small.

  3. PRETTY!!!! Love it Ida Pie!! :D

    Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

  4. Thank you!
    I've seen a lot of pretty layerings on other blogs and thot I have nothing that interesting in my collection. - I was wrong. I just needed to open my eyes and look at my polishes with "new" eyes in a new way and light...

  5. Lovely Nails Ida!! It Looks great!

  6. Coolt glitter! Påminner om Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Black eller har jag helt fel?

  7. Thanks Elizabeth!
    Agneta: Jag har inte beställt Kleancolors Chunky Holo Black från beautyjoint än. Så jag kan inte jämföra. Men på vissa bilder när det är mer rörr och guld så ja, jag förstår vad du säger. Försöker sätta ihop en lista på allt jag vill ha från Beautyjoint. Googlar swatcher och det tar tid att bestämma sig.


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