Friday, August 31, 2012

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black Swatched

233 Chunky Holo Teal, 236 Chunky Holo Black and 133 Sheer Red - Light Tent

The Sheer Red is going to be interesting to try. It does look more
red in the bottle but is more pink on the nail, atleast the nail wheel.
Two thin coats of each nail polish, without top coat. Natural light.

233 Chunky Holo Teal, 236 Chunky Holo Black and 133 Sheer Red - Natural light

Chunky Holo Black & Chunky
Holo Teal over Metallic Red

Chunky Holo Teal over Metallic Red

Kleancolor - 236 Chunky Holo Black
One coat over black. No top coat. Natural light.

Next up is Kleancolor Metallics.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wet n Wild Swatched

Here comes swatches of the Wet n Wild palettes showed in THIS POST.
I swatched them yesterday and this morning I did my eye-makeup using them.
I'm sorry, but I don't have a photos as I was in a hurry in the morning, and did
not have time to take pictures. And I was busy when I got home and then I just
forgot. But I just have to say WOW. I'm in LOVE. The pigmentation is excelent.
Staying power is great. Only regret is that I should have tried Wet n Wild sooner.

 Lust Swatched with no primer. Photos taken in daylight. I love it that
there is three completely matte shades in this palette. The lightest shade,
top right, is great as a browbone shade. Will use it alot even though it has
some small glitter particles in it. The dark shadow, bottom right, is not overly
shimmery/glittery eather, as I first thought. The plum shade, middle left, might
come off as too red in the photo, top photo shows more accurate color.



Nutty is a great medium brown for blending out darker colors.
Or could be used as a lid color. Not overly shimmery. More of a frost.

Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment has a perfect browbone color for me. Nice
frosty shadows. The glitter in the crease color is not over powering,
but rather discrete, and the eyeshadow seems to be matte othervise. And
the eyelid color is just a nice soft and smooth shade. This palette is a favorite.

Silent Treatment

Sweet As Candy has nice frosty eye shadows. This is like a daytime
palette. And Silent Treatment is the night time palette. Browbone color
is a nice hightligting color and the lid color is a nice soft smooth shade
This palette is going to be a lot in use along with Silent Treatment.

Sweet As Candy

If you like softer colors get Sweet As Candy. If you are
more into dark shades, go for Silent Treatment. And keep
in mind that I am really pale. So these palettes might not look
like this on you at all. Lust was the darkest palette of them all.

Sweet As Candy

Did I tip the scales for you with the swatches?

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An other eyeshadow and Polish Haul

It's about time I got me some Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes. Can't wait to
try them out and swatch them for you. A back-up of Konad Top Coat went into
my shopping cart at as well as three China Glaze polishes.
I got a shell shaped "Thank you"-gift, that I don't know what it is. Do you?

China Glaze - Sunset Sail is from Spring 2011 Anchors Away Collection.
The two others are from the New 2012 Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection.

The Sleek Palettes are Au Naturel and
Monaco from the Mediterranean Collection.

Do you have any favorite Sleek products you can recommend?
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The Last BIG Born Pretty Store Discount for August!‏

1. Special offer expires on 09/08/2012.
2. Discount coupons cannot be used for the discounted items,
if you buy other items, you can use the code JAYCEJ61.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Polish and Eyeshadow Haul

Kleancolor Nail Polishes

Finally I took the plunge and got me some Kleancolor polishes to play with.
I've been wanting the Metallics for about a year. These are my first Kleancolors.
There were so many polishes I wanted from that it would have
been a huge package. Luckily I got over the worst glitter mania and my list of
polishes got reduced. And I was able to place my first order. Somehow I still
managed to get a few glitter polishes. How that happened I do not know.

China Glaze, L.A. Glitter and NYX Nail Polishes

The hype for China Glaze Prismatic 2012 Collection went flat kinds quick when
the swatches did not meet the anticipation. However I wanted to have a closer look
at one of the polishes, Optical Illusion. The Holographic word was thrown around,
but NO, these are NOT holographic/prismatic. And my first NYX and L.A. Glitters.

Wet n Wild Eyeshadows

Wet n Wild Palettes is something I've been wanting to try for a while.
Now I have three of them and one single shadow. Yes, I know, boring
neutral colors. I guess I'm getting old. But I know I WILL use these up.

What is your most recent haul?
Have you been able to kill any lemmings?

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Pie is hosting a Giveaway for Custom Painting Pearls

Nail polishes made of Nail Pearls from Custom Painting Pearls

You might have seen my posts about Nails Pearls and Flakes
from Custom Painting Pearls. If not you can have a look at Post 1,
Post 2 and Post 3 to know what I am talking about. Don't worry they
will open in a new window. Or you can find them later under the label:
Nail Pearls and Flakes.

What I am excited about is that
Garry from Custom Painting Pearls has agreed to sponsor
a Giveaway with 3x 3gram* sample bags for 3 winners.
*1gram of Blue-Purple-Red-Orange


3 winners get 3 sample bags each of Nail Pearls
from that you can mix with nail polish.

If you can't wait you can have a look at Custom Painting Pearls
The 3 grams will make you a few bottles to sell or to Giveaway to friends.

Custom Painting Pearls ships to anywher on the globe, that means
the Giveaway is Open to everyone, and it ends September 27th, 2012.

You will only win sample bags of the pearls to mix into nail polish.
The bottles and the polish you have to provide yourself.

To enter: Fill in the RaffleCopter widget below.
Only mandatory is that you are a Public follower of Piece of Pie with
Google Friend Connect = GFC. Click "Join This Site" above this blog post.

If the link to Custom Painting Pearls Facebook Page "Pearl Guys" does not work
in the RaffleCopter Widget, you can go like the page manually by visiting this link: - - It opens in a new window.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

News from Models Own

Photo credit: Models Own

News from Models Own
NEW! The MIRRORBALL Collection, a completely unique glide-on glitter that will revitalise your entire polish collection! Wear alone or over your favourite colour polish to give a frosting finish, taking nails from boring to BLING! Each polish contains five different chunky colours of hand-cut glitter that are guaranteed to get the party started: Disco Inferno, a glittery gold disco bomb; Hot Stuff, an intoxicating mix of pink and gold sparkles; Freak Out, a crystal shimmer mix of bold blue and purple; Dancing Queen, fabulous flecks of emerald, blue and gold; Boogie Nights, a multicoloured mix of intriguing purple, pink and blue! The Mirrorball Collection launches (with LIMITED EDITION metallic coloured caps!) exclusively at the Models Own Bottleshop on Thursday, September 6th, on the Models Own website from Monday, September 10th and in Boots stores nationwide from Wednesday, October 3rd.

x Which is your favourite? Hit the comments to let me know! x
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

$25 to Spend on Coastal Scents


I  bought the LivingSocial deal for Coastal Scents, and thought you may be interested in it too!

Pay $12 for $25 to Spend Online on
Cosmetics, Bath, and Body Products:

That is 52% in savings. Too good of a deal to miss out on. The deal is only available for 19 more hours,
so scoop it up soon!

And hey they ship Internationally!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nail Polish - Brands across the Globe - Add brands

I just added a bunch of Brands to the Polish List
Nail Polish - Brands across the Globe

Maybe you can come up with some that I just didn't think or know of. I know
there are lots of Indie Polish Brands out there. But I just can't remember all
of them. Tell me what I missed in the comments under the Polish List.

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A polish addict has a Giveaway

Giveaway with 9 bottles of fabulous Shimmer Polish!

This giveaway is open internationally till 12 September 2012. 
All polishes are brand new and unswatched.

You can find swatches of individual Shimmer here.

Click the link below to go to the Giveaway post:

$25 to Spend Online on Cosmetics

Coastal Scents


I just bought today's LivingSocial deal
for Coastal Scentsand thought
you may be interested in it too!

$25 to Spend Online on Cosmetics,

The deal is only available for 56 more hours, so scoop it up soon!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pearls and Flakes - Glitter Shots

Left to Right: Black Halo, Ocean Blue, Gold Holgraphic, Deep Purple Halo and Emerald Green.

We have come to the third post of many about the Pearls and Flakes
from Custom Painting Pearls. Don't forget to tell your girl friends about
these products. And don't forget your boyfriend or husband or anyone else
for that matter who would be interested in painting their ride. I mean if your
boyfriend gets some for the car - then you can get some for your polish.

Flakes painted on Black

Here comes the names of the Flakes (Glitters):

14. Black Halo Flake
15. Ocean Blue Flake
16. Gold Holgraphic Flake
17. Deep Purple Halo Flake
18.Emerald Green Flake
19. Silver Holographic Flake

Flakes painted on Black. Blurred to see the glittery awesomeness

Garry from Custom Painting Pearls told me that they are going to add
a Nail Page onto their website:  www.CustomPaintingPearls.Com
And the new page will be up by Monday 27th 2012. There you will find
listings for 3 gram sample bags of any 3 products for $12.99

The 3 grams will get you a few bottles of polish as you
only need a few scoops with a straw to get you one done.

And if I can get my act togeather and get great photos of the products, that
was sent to me for review, he said he will use my photos. How exciting is that.

Painted with Flake on paper.

There is two thing that you need to know about the Flakes, they might bleed.
They did on me, but I used a cheap clear polish for this. And they sink if you
don't have suspension base. I didin't so I added one mixing ball, as big as
would fit through the hole, and I give them a good shake before I use them.
You need to add top coat, atleast when they are mixed in cheap clear coat.

Painted with Flake on paper.

Below is a photos showing when the flakes/glittes have sunk to the
bottom and showing how they tinted my base. I think it looks gorgeous.
This is photos of bottles that have been sitting for 2 days. I do not know
how much of the color from the flakes will bleed into the polish over
time. But this is absolutely something for Jelly and Glitter lovers.

Where to get information and products:
Website: www.CustomPaintingPearls.Com

More Pearls and Flakes posts:
Second Post: Pearls and Flakes - Bottle shots (of the Pearls)

Pearls and Flakes was sent for review.
Except Silver Holographic Flake that I bought.
View my Disclosure on the Contact Tab.

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Algae Veronica's Facebook Halloween giveaway!

Algae Veronica's Facebook Halloween giveaway!

3 polishes from Orly Spellbound collection.
Right Amount Of Evil, R.I.P, and Monster Mash

ENDS: Sunday, September 2nd, 5PM EST
DRAWING DATE: Sunday, September 2nd 8PM EST

Click the link to enter:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Facebook Giveaway/Contest Rules & Regulations Explained

This blog post is for anyone who runs giveaways, promotions, sweepstakes
or competitions on facebook or a blog that is linked with a facebook page.

It dissects the promotianal guidelines of facebook (you know that loooong
list of rules you are supposed to have read and accepted and understood when
you signed up for facebook and then use facebook accordingly to them) and
helps you understand them. For example what you CAN and CAN'T do with
 the "Like" button. It's a bit to read and take in but if you want to keep your
facebook profile or page I suggest you have a look at it! Click the link:

__ __ __

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Deleting a FeedBurner feed.

I will be deleting a FeedBurner feed. During the first 15 days subscriber requests for:
will be redirected to my original source feed:
During days 16-30, this feed consists of a single content item that reads "This feed is no longer active. A new feed is located at"
After day 30,  feed will be permanently deleted and return an HTTP 404 (feed not found) message.

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Glitter Obsession's Giveaway

Click the link to go to the Giveaway post:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pearls and Flakes - Bottle shots

Left to Right: 1. Yellow to Green, 2. Sunrise Red to Midnight Blue, 3. Green to Gold, 4. Pink to Gold,
5. Carribean Blue to Green, 6. Bronze to Green, 7. Green to Violet and 8. Blue, Purple, Red to Orange.

Have you been waiting for bottle pictures and swatches of the
Flip/Shift Pearls and the Chameleon I showed in THIS POST?
get excited when I look at these pictures and I hope you do too.

Pearls and Flakes painted on a clear nail.
 Here are the names of the Pearls:
1. Yellow to Green
2. Sunrise Red to Midnight Blue
3. Green to Gold
4. Pink to Gold
5. Carribean Blue to Green
6. Bronze to Green
7. Green to Violet
8. Blue, Purple, Red to Orange (Chameleon)

I'll do a separate post presenting the Flake/Glitters
because I don't want too many photos in the posts.

Pearls and Flakes painted over Black.



I'll start by showing you the Chameleon Pearl that shifts in four colors.
It's the bottle on the far right in the top photo. Nail number 8 on the wheels.

Over Black: 5. Carribean Blue-Green, 6. Bronze-Green, 7. Green-Violet and 8. Blue-Purple-Red-Orange.

Middle nails are done one coat of the Chameleon over Black. Pinky is 1
coat over White. Index finger is 2 coats over White. Top coat on all nails.
Photo is taken in natural light. On the lighther nails you can clearly see the
orange to red shift. On the darker nails you can see the blue more clearly.
The color flip/shift of course depends on what angle you are looking from. 

 What colors would you like to see next?

Where to get information and products:

Website: www.CustomPaintingPearls.Com

Pearls and Flakes was sent for review.
View my Disclosure on the Contact Tab.

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