Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pearls and Flakes for Nail Polish

Now do I have some awesome stuff to share with you or what!

Garry from Custom Painting Pearls sent me samples of some of the
Pearls and Flakes thay have. Now what are these used for? To customize
and paint your ride of course. But see Garry has figured out that they can
be used for some other stuff too. Yes, mixing in clear coat nail polish.

Nail Flakes (Holo Glitter)

 This post is only a teaser with baggie photos. Above are the 3 gram
flake samples I got. They come in a big zip lock bag. This is going to
be enought to do a few polishes. I don't know how many. But you don't
need much product, a few scoops with a straw is enough for a bottle.

Nail Flakes (Holo Glitter)

Look at that gorgeous sparkle going on!

Nail Flakes (Holo Glitter)

Below are the 3 gram samples of Pearls I receieved.
Also packed in large zip lock bags. And as I said the
3 gram samples get you quite a few bottles of polish.

Nail Pearls

Pearls and Flakes was sent for review.
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And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. These look so gorgeous!! I look forward to seeing them in action! :D

  2. I have had some of the items on watch in eBay for some time. Mmmm sparkling and colour changing goodness.

  3. Hheehhe. You wont be dissaponted girls!


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