Sunday, August 5, 2012

Stamping with DRK-A Image Plate

2 coats of Purple Professional - 42. I showed you this polish in a review post
about Purple Professional Polishes HERE. Stamped with DRK-A Image Plate
using Konad Special Polish - Sky Pearl. Sealed with Konad - Top Coat

The popular DRK-A Image Plate is now back in stock at
Cesars Shop They also have:
30% off on Konad Sets and some other Konad items.
40% off on Essie Nail Polishes (excl. Luxeffect Collection)

Purple Professional is looking into exanding their sales onto
the international market. When that will happen I do not know.
But they are looking for distributors. Are you interested?
Get in contact with:


Facebook Group:
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And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah I like the simple clean lok of this thanks

  2. Beautiful! I love the colour combo on this:)

    1. I'm not a blue lover so I thought that why not go blue all the way so that I use my blues lol

  3. thanks for sharing.


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