Monday, August 20, 2012

Deleting a FeedBurner feed.

I will be deleting a FeedBurner feed. During the first 15 days subscriber requests for:
will be redirected to my original source feed:
During days 16-30, this feed consists of a single content item that reads "This feed is no longer active. A new feed is located at"
After day 30,  feed will be permanently deleted and return an HTTP 404 (feed not found) message.

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Why did you decide to delete your Feedburner account?

  2. I'm not deleting my account. Just one of the feeds. As I discovered I had to feeds for the same thing - blog posts. And I discovered this as I set up my new "Follow Pie" buttons. So I chose to delete the one with only 5 subscribers. is now the link for subscribing for my posts. Orange button "RSS" under "Follow Pie". You can still follow by email by clicking the Green icon "Email Rss" under "Follow Pie". And of course subscribe to follow-up comments on any blog post by clicking the link "Subscribe by email" in the comment section.

    1. Phew okay good, I follow with RSS, lol! I'm subbed to the right one, so woohoo, no missed posts!

  3. It's a artist site Blogmation site I was here about feedburnersite....grate.


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