Sunday, August 5, 2012

Purple Proffessional Review and Swatches

#39, 42 and 40

 Today I have a review for you. It's about a Nail Polish from Portugal.
Paula from Purple Professional asked if I could review polishes
for her. She sent me three nail polishes: Numbers 39, 40 and 42.


Number 40 is a bold orangey red creme polish. I applied 2 coats for
the photos that are taken in day light. No top Coat. You might get away
with one coat on short nails. Application is easy and seems to autolevel.

Number 39 is a soft peachy coral creme polish. This one I had to use
3 coats of for full cover. The pictures are taken in day light with no top coat.
So you see they are really glossy. They dry quickly and application is easy. 

Bottles are 10ml. The brush is flat but not too wide. had
a strand come out of 2 of the brushes that I just cut off. The
formula of the nail polish is really nice, not too thin or too thick.

Number 42 is a medium blue creme polish. Easy application with
2 coats for the photos that are taken in day light with no top coat.


The labels are just so cute with flowers, hearts, dragonflies stars and cute little bugs.
I really like these nail polishes. They just go on really easy and smooth and dry quickly.


Purple Professional is found at various locations in
Portugal. Find out where on their Facebook Page:

Purple Professional is looking into exanding their sales onto
the international market. When that will happen I do not know.
But they are looking for distributors. Are you interested?
Get in contact with:


Facebook Group:

PDF Product Catalogue:

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And that's a "Piece of Pie"

Polishes were sent for review.
Disclosure can be found HERE


  1. Very pretty shades. I especially like 39 and 42.

    1. 39 was my favorite color. But the other 2 had better application

  2. Replies
    1. Hehhe Thanks! I'm not a blue person tho

  3. Hello!
    Your nails are beautiful!
    I have been following your blog.
    Follow me too, please.



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