Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pearls and Flakes - Glitter Shots

Left to Right: Black Halo, Ocean Blue, Gold Holgraphic, Deep Purple Halo and Emerald Green.

We have come to the third post of many about the Pearls and Flakes
from Custom Painting Pearls. Don't forget to tell your girl friends about
these products. And don't forget your boyfriend or husband or anyone else
for that matter who would be interested in painting their ride. I mean if your
boyfriend gets some for the car - then you can get some for your polish.

Flakes painted on Black

Here comes the names of the Flakes (Glitters):

14. Black Halo Flake
15. Ocean Blue Flake
16. Gold Holgraphic Flake
17. Deep Purple Halo Flake
18.Emerald Green Flake
19. Silver Holographic Flake

Flakes painted on Black. Blurred to see the glittery awesomeness

Garry from Custom Painting Pearls told me that they are going to add
a Nail Page onto their website:  www.CustomPaintingPearls.Com
And the new page will be up by Monday 27th 2012. There you will find
listings for 3 gram sample bags of any 3 products for $12.99

The 3 grams will get you a few bottles of polish as you
only need a few scoops with a straw to get you one done.

And if I can get my act togeather and get great photos of the products, that
was sent to me for review, he said he will use my photos. How exciting is that.

Painted with Flake on paper.

There is two thing that you need to know about the Flakes, they might bleed.
They did on me, but I used a cheap clear polish for this. And they sink if you
don't have suspension base. I didin't so I added one mixing ball, as big as
would fit through the hole, and I give them a good shake before I use them.
You need to add top coat, atleast when they are mixed in cheap clear coat.

Painted with Flake on paper.

Below is a photos showing when the flakes/glittes have sunk to the
bottom and showing how they tinted my base. I think it looks gorgeous.
This is photos of bottles that have been sitting for 2 days. I do not know
how much of the color from the flakes will bleed into the polish over
time. But this is absolutely something for Jelly and Glitter lovers.

Where to get information and products:
Website: www.CustomPaintingPearls.Com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/custompaintingpearls

More Pearls and Flakes posts:
Second Post: Pearls and Flakes - Bottle shots (of the Pearls)

Pearls and Flakes was sent for review.
Except Silver Holographic Flake that I bought.
View my Disclosure on the Contact Tab.

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And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Such a cool idea I will certainly take a look at that page on the 27th. Do you know if they ship internationally?

    1. Yes they do:
      USA= Free
      Canada= $3.50 per order
      Word Wide= $5.00 per order


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