Monday, December 1, 2014

TKB "Press Pack"

TKB Trading is a great place if you like makeup, especially if you would like
to make your own. They have the supplies you need at a very wallet friendly cost.

I stocked up on MyMix Press-It Binder as it is a good all-purpose pressing medium. I still

had some My Mix Press Base left so I thought I would try out the TKB Matte Texture Base.
Lets see if I can see any difference. I use the My Mix Press Base and Binder to press loose
mineral eyeshadows and pigments. I also add them to any eyeshadow that is not perfoming
as I would like it too. Because they usually do get better as these products improves the slip
and adhesion. That way the loved eyeshadows that does not perform so well gets an other
chance of beeing used up. No one wants to throw away a color they love.

I ordered some more supplies I need for re-pressing my eyeshadows, blushes and
other makeup to place into my Z-Palettes. I almost got the FlexStyle palettes that TKB
Trading has, but then decided that three Z palettes is enough for me. Also realized that
one of them is currently empty. I also have six of TKB's 26mm 12-cavity Charcoal Black
Palettes and four of the 4-well magnetic 36mm cavity palettes (Retired - old Style). They
look like e.l.f Essential Elements Custom Palettes but a little bit bigger and black. (Anyone
looking for those TKB Old Style Palettes can buy them from me, just let me know). And at
that I have 2 Interchangeable Palette: 12 Piece from Coastal Scents. So I think that is
enough. Money is a bit tight right now so have to sell something in order to get
something else. Have a look at my Blog Sales HERE you might find something.

26mm Round Tin Pans - 15mm Round Press Pack

I ended up buying more of 26mm Round Tin Pans as I have used up what I had.
And then I wanted to try out the 15mm Round Tin Pans so I got the Press Pack as
you get 9 godets with it. In those I can press eyeshadows that I only have very little
of left but would still like to use up. Look at how cute and small those 15mm pans are.

Then I was looking to get more large pans for blushes, contours and bronzers, as have
filled up my 36mm round pans, but didn't feel the need to get 25 (that is the smallest amount
you can buy). So once again I got a Press Pack (Large  Rectangle 54x26mm)  that has 9
pans. I'm also planning on pressing my sisters eyeshadows into a Z-Palette, as a surprise
for her, so I got a differet style goddet for her, 26mm Square Tin Pans + the Press Pack
with 9 godets and the pressing tiles so I can make the makeup look nice and smooth.

26mm Square Press pack - Large Rectangle 54x26mm Press Pack

When blending a custom shade of eyeshadows I want to grind the
pigments together properly so I bought a Mini Mortar and Pestle. And
then pass it through the Mini Sieve so that I get a finer powder that is easier
to press and get it smooth. The small Spatula I got to scrape things out.
Spatula, Mini Sieve and Mini Mortar and Pestle

Z-Palette is having a Cyber Monday Deal - 20% off - Check it Out HERE

Are you lemming for a Z-Palette but don't want to splurge?
Check out TKB Tradings Flexstyle Palette. You get 2 for $15

TKB has declared that they will to do something special for

Cyber Monday (that's December 1st) so keep an eye out for that.


Cyber Monday Deal (good from now through Midnight EST 12/1/2014)

14% off all orders placed by Midnight EST (Eastern Time) 12/1/2014
if you use the coupon code: Cyber Monday (or, cybermonday)

I'm off to press some eyeshadows so that I don't get tempted to look at all
the Cyber Monday Deals. But there is a great one from Sigma Beauty you can
check out. Just Click the link: Sigma Cyber Monday: 20% OFF Sitewide
__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"

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