Wednesday, November 14, 2012

TND Mineral EyeShadow Samples

I was browsing on the's Facebook page and came across
photo telling me I can buy 20 samples of my choise and pay only $14 with
Free Shipping Worldwide. I asked about it and and went on to pay on PayPal.
She sent me 5 extra samples and in return I would write a review about TND
Products. The samples comes in small baggies shown in the above photo.

The Green Earth Palette

Top Row Left to Right: 1. Jaded, 2. Frenzy,
3. Raze 4. Aphrodite, 5. New York and 6. Fedora.

Bottom Row Left to Right: 7. Breath of Spring, 8. For Keeps,
9. Okies Shimmer, 10. Forever, 11. Civil and 12. Beige Me.

Jaded, Aphrodite, Civil, Promiscious, Designer and Cosmic.
The Fiery Red Palette

Top Row Left to Right: 1. Enchanted, 2. Enchantress,
3. Cosmic, 4. Promiscuous, 5. No School Today and 6. Designer.

Bottom Row Left to Right: 7. Fashion Diva, 8. Cheeky,
9. Fell In Love, 10. Co.Worker, 11. Ambition and 12. Feedback.

Would I use the samples if I left them in baggies? Probably not! That is why
I bought palettes and pans from TKB Trading, and pressed them. I did that
using TKB's My Mix Press Base and Press It Binder. The sample sizes are
not all the same. Of some of the samples I just got a little on the bottom of
the pan and others I got a full pan out of. From the Jaded sample I was able
to make 2 full pans. One of the samples did not fit in the palettes and it is a
color I will not use, so it was left out. Might include that in some Giveaway.


And lastly an everyday eyemakeup done with TND Samples.
Beige Me on the lid, Okie Shimmer in the outer corner, Fedora in the
crease and lower lid, Fashion Diva in the inner corner. White eyeliner
on the waterline, black liner on the lash line and black mascara.

Some of the shadows are sheer some are more pigmented. Some are glittery,
some shimmery. Fedora is nice and satiny. I didn't pick any matte shades. I'm
really pleased with these Samples. And the palettes I made turned out great.

Where you can get info and buy TND products Facebook Page:

BTW don't miss and enter the Giveaway TND has on their
Facebook Page. - Check it out by Clicking HERE

All photos in this post are taken in natural light.
Swatches and eyemakeup was done over a primer.

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