Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fashionista Nail Art Review

Some time ago I recieved 2 packs of Water Decals
from Fashionista Nails to try out and review.

I started out with Nymph


Full Instructions of Application with Pictures
can befound on Fashionista Nails HERE.

This is how I did it:
First off I Painted My nails with one coat of silver polish.
Dark colors will overshadow the designs.

I soaked the designs 15 seconds in a bowl of water.
One at a time. Placed it on a paper towel for a few
seconds to absorb any excess moisture.

I Slid the film off the back of the decal and pressed it down
on my nail. My nailbed is very curved and I have a strong
"C" shape so the design creased. I tried to adjust the
creases to the sides rather than the tips of the nail.

When I top coated the design melts/fuses with the
base polish allowing the silver to show through.

I Filed of the excess from tips -when dry- and gave it
a second coat of transparent to seal and protect.

Look at my Middle Finger nail (Picture above) - haha.
The decal started to slide off the nail when I applied
the top coat. I tried to push it back. But the decal starts
to "melt" or fuse with the polish underneath so it is
impossible. So from there it only got worse.
 I also had problems with my pinky. (Picture Below).

The reason why I had so much trouble
applying the Water Decals might have
to do with, not only that it was my first
try ever trying a product like this but also,
the fact that my nails have a strong
"C"-shape. The nail bed is also curved.

Strong "C"-shape

If you have a flat nail bed I do not think you
will have any troubles applying the Decals.

Luckily I had two set to try out.
So I had an other chance to succeed. And have
to say that I did a lot better the second time.


I want to show you how the Polish colour can do to
the result. This time I used Pink and Mint Green.

Materials I used for my second try.

On the green nails the full pattern is showing with all colours.
However on the pink nails the green colour is lost.
It seems best to use a light polish as a base.
Shimmer/glitter will show slightly.

It did not say anything about not using a fast drying top coat.
I did not want to take any chances so I used Konad Special Top Coat.
And on top of that Seche Vite.

I still have a few strips left to play with, as the set comes with
18 pre cut decals. They can be used as a part of a manicure.
Thought I will try and apply them with Nail Foil Adhesive.
Stay tuned to see how that works out.

__ __ __

This is what they say on their Webb site:

What makes Fashionista Nails unique?

Full coverage Fashionista Nails are full coverage nail art decals which can be applied over a metallic silver base coat. Unlike existing nail decals, the product fully covers the nail. You do not just get a flower, star or random tiny shape to attach to a corner of the nail.

It’s easy!
Application is trouble-free and can be quickly and easily done within the comfort of your home. There is no need for cumbersome equipment such as heat-lamps, UV lights or hairdryers.

The nails feel natural
The overlay is very thin, so unlike nail stickers and other thicker full cover overlays, it does not bend, fold or feel heavy.

Hassle free adhesion
Application of the transparent top coat makes the product soft so it melts and fuses with the silver base coat. This totally eliminates any problem of lifting.

Fashionista Nails are durable
The product is extremely durable. It lasts with minimal wear for at least a week, longer if you are careful and do not do much work with your hands. It gives the effect of nail foil, but with far more durability.

Fashionista Nails designs The designs, designed by professional graphic artists, are stunning.

Fashionista Nails can be enhanced
The designs can also form a base for further enhancement by application of rhinestones, acrylic paste flowers and more.

__ __ __

Full coverage?
Not if you have big nails. I have to cut one of the
designs meant for the thumb to get designs to fit all my nails.

It's easy?
Not at first. But you will get the hang of it.

The nails feel natural?
Yes. Just as natural when wearing nail polish.

Hassle free adhesion?
Well yes and no. But there is no lifting.

Just like the nail polish you apply it on and also what
Top Coat you use. On my Right hand Index and Thumb
Nails it came off in big chunks the second day. I just
peeled it off. Other nails had tip wear and chipping.
With the right base and top coat and re-applying top coat
you can have the overlays for atleast a week or two.
Unless you get sick of the re-growth.

What do I think of the product?
I like it. Even though i had problems with application at first.
It is a fun way of getting intricate designs on your nails
"fast and easy" compared to going to a salon.

Fashionista Nails have More than 30 Designs to choose from.
Price: $9.99

Shipping fees: $3 for the first item and
50 cents for every additional item.
They Ship Internationally.

You can find Fashionista Nails on Facebook.

Order online from their Webb Shop Here!

These were sent
to me for review.
I am not getting paid.

What I say
is what I think.

And that is a "Piece of Pie"
Thank you for reading!
Feel free to comment.


  1. Sorry you had such a rough time with them. My nails beds are curved, not quite as much as yours, but close...and though I had a learning curve the first go 'round, I love them!

  2. Yeah It was a mess the first time. But OK the second time. And to the end it got easier and easier as I got the hang of it. I like this product too.


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