Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rescue your Water Decal

Have you ever forgot to remove the plastic film from water decals
before dipping them into water? If you have you know what happens.

Becasue If you don't remove the film... You are in trouble!
The decal gets stuck to the protective film. :( And you don't want that
to happen. (I know this becasue it happened to me one time).

Water Decal from Viva La Nails

You still have a chance to save your water decal.
You can do it if you have Nail Foil Adhesive/Glue.

Can be found at Dollar Nail Art Store

Here is how:

Just simply apply the adhesive on your desired area of the nail
and wait until it dries clear. Then take the protective film with the
water decal stuck to it and put it on the nail. Rub the film so that the decal
hopefully sticks to the adhesive and carefully lift the film. I have tried this
when I've messed up. But 100% success rate is not guaranteed.
But I think it is worth a try. What so you have to loose...

Do you have any tips and trix on how to save
Water Decals that got stuck to the protective film?

Or any other helpful hints for that matter...

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And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!

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