Monday, September 26, 2011

Viva La Nails Bling Haul

Ok so today I have the rest of the Viva La Nails Haul to show you.
As I told you yesterday Viva La Nails offered a free Sample pack
to bloggers in change that we write about the products and Viva La Nails.
As I was paying for postage anyway I took the chance to try out some of
the glitters that Viva La Nails had to offer. - Do you want to see what I got? 

I found some really interesting glitters.
They consists of larger and smaller glitter particals.
And it is that see through type of glitter.
Why don't you have a look...

 I'm so excited and hyped up about these glitters. Can't wait
to try them out. I think these will look so cool layered
over darker nail polishes. They have a rainbow type of shine
to them. These are just under £2. Sold in plastic pots (5g per pot).

Glitter (Neon) - White

Other than small green glitters in the green,
small red glitters in the red and small clear glitters
in the white glitter, the Neon glitters look
very much alike when they are on white paper.

Glitter (Neon) - Green

And I have to say that I was really impressed by the way
these glitters are contained and packaged. These was
absolutely no glitter what so ever in the small plastic bags
they came in. Everything is in the containers!

Glitter (Neon) - Coral

One thing with these "Neon" Glitters is that you can NOT
put them in Nail Polish. At first they will look good,
nice and sparkly. But after maybe 5-10 minutes the shine
"melts" away from them. And they look just white and dull.

Neon glitter fresh in Nail Polish

I will use these glitters straight from the glitter container.
Either by dipping my clear Nail Poish brush into the glitter
and then applying it onto the nail. Or by first applying Nail
Polish to the nail and before it dries sprinkle the glitter
over the wet polish. And then adding a clear coat of polish
to seal it all in. This way the Polish will not have time
to melt the shine away. I guess you could use Nail Foil
Adhesive as well. You can get that at Dollar Nail Art Store.

Neon glitter after 5-10 minutes in Nail Polish

Dazzling Rounds - Rose

How these react in Nail Polish I do not know. Because I
intend to use these one by one and not to submerge them into
Nail Polish. These shift in Pink and Green.
Sold in plastic pots (5g per pot) and just under £1.50

Dazzling Rounds - Rose

 Now we come to the Glitters that shine in the colors
of the Rainbow. And oh how they are awesome.
It's bling bling all the way for under £1.50
Sold in plastic pots (5g per pot)

Super Glitter 1mm - Amber

Square Glitter - Crimson

Square glitter on the sides
and Super glitter 1mm in the middle.
Dazzling Diamonds (below) about the same size.

The following are found in the "Dazzle" Section at Viva La Nails
and they have a Rainbow kind of shine to them. Bling Bling!
Sold in plastic pots (5g per pot) for under £2

Dazzling Diamonds - Silver

Dazzling Diamonds - Gold

Dazzling Diamonds - Lilac

Dazzling Diamonds - Azure

Dazzling Diamonds - Crimson

I did the Nail Polish test with the Glitters and Dazzles.
When put into polish they do bleed somewat and give a tint to
the polis. I do not know if they loose thir color completely as my
container was not air tight so the polish dried out during the night.

Viva La Nails have Nail art Canes under £1.

I have lots of fimo canes but I could not pass up on the
Dragon Fruit and Kiwi. Look at how cute they are.
Now I'm a bit bummed that summer is over.
I don't know how I will fit these into a fall manicure.
Any ideas?

Coming Up on Piece of Pie:
Manicure using Viva La Nails Water Decals
__  __  __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


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