Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 1 of 10 Day Challenge

Day 1

Pink Nails

 I used 3 coats of ELF - Pearl Pink
and I just had to add my glitter franken to the tips.
Not bothering with top coat tho.
New mani tomorrow anyways.

I will be doing this challenge with
Carinae over at: Carinae L'etoile's polish stash,
Tamira at: Naudii Beautii 
and with
Lizzie at: Do It Yourself, Lady...
And as we live in different parts of the world the posts will pop up during the day.

__ __ __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


  1. Nice design! Good idea to make a 10 days challenge, I wanted to do the 30 days challenge but it's way to long, this 10 day challenge is a way better idea!

  2. Ohh, this is Lovely Ida.

    I did a french tip but I Love how you basecoated before french tipping. :-)
    Love the design with dotting tools.

    And your comment about no topcoat, hahahah... That was exactly how I felt about basecoat. I was like, "I'm doing a new mani tomorrow anyway, and this is not a staining color". lol

  3. omg ida this is frickin weird cause i was going to use this same exact polish! but i didnt only cause i already posted about it and have many other pinks to use! but i love the nails!

  4. Love this mani!! Naudii actually just commented on my post yesterday about theis color. It IS similar to China Glaze Exceptionally Gifted.


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