Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nail Haul + Mini review

I placed an order at because
I wanted the Star Gazer Chrome Silver Nail Polish.
Decided to get a few more things up to free shipping.

Assorted Foil Hearts for Nail Art
I wanted the hearts to put into polish. But I don't know if that will work.
Maybe the color will fade off and tint the polish. I have to try that.

Nail Foil - Peacock Dazzle and Nail Foil - Lilac Crush

I was a bit off foils but after I saw on YouTube how
Robin Moses  uses the foils I had to get a few more.

Nail Foil - English Rose and Nail Foil - Vivacious Violet

Nail Foil Adhesive and Star Gazer - 232 (Silver Chrome)

From I got the rest of the Chrome polishes.
They are a bit cheaper there (if you don't count shipping).
But the StarGazer Silver Chrome Polish was not in Stock.
That's why I got it at NailDelights.

L-R Top Row: Star Gazer - 235 237 and 233
Bottom row: Star Gazer - 236 and 234

So now I have the 6 polishes from StarGazer Chrome "Collection".

Try photographing these shiny bottles. My middle finger was extended
in the picture below. I got so frustrated. Haha. But I blurred it out.

I did a quick swatch on a wheel - 1 Coat each

The one polish that dissapointed me was the yellow
or gold or what ever you want to call it - 237. It's not a
one coater like the rest. Haven't tried stamping with it yet.

How do they compare to China Glaze Chrome collection you might ask.
They feel the same (excluding 237), but colors are different.

Top row L-R: 232, 233, 234, 235, 236 and 237. Bottom Row L-R:
CG - 2030, SG - 237, CG - HI-TEK, SG - 236, CG - SCI-FI, SG - 235
& 234, CG - Metallic Muse, SG - 233,  CG - Millennim and SG - 232.

2 coats of 237

The real reason to the GlitterStore order was that I just had to get
StarGazer - 128 and StarGazer - 307 and Nail Delights don't have em'

Star Gazer - 128 and Star Gazer - 307

I posted a Layering NOTD with 307 HERE

Do you guys write Stargazer or Star Gazer or what?
The bottles say Star Gazer. I'm confused.
How should I write it?
__ __ __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


  1. I guess I'd write it Star Gazer as that's what it says on the bottle?

    I love the swatches for the chrome Star Gazers, the colours make them look like easter eggs :D That's more to add to my growing wishlist!

  2. Very pretty now I HAVE to get some :0) xxxJoolsxxx


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