Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a-england - The Mythicals - Swatches


a-england - Morgan Le Fay 3 coats. No top coat. Very easy to
apply and dries quickly. Not the best brush. If you do not like
VNL you can use Nude "Underwear" or layer it over any nail polish.

a-england - Galahad is a "one coater" but I did 2 for the photos.
(Top Coat). Goes on smooth as butter. Not the quickest to dry.

a-england - Perceval. You might get away with one
coat on short nails. On longer nails you need two coats or
you would have VNL. No top coat. Very easy to apply.

One layer of a-england - Merlin over 3 coats of
a-england - Morgan Le FayTop Coat is a must.
I do not own any other glitter polish like this.
Nightmare to remove. But totally worth it.

One coat of a-england - Merlin over a Black Nail Polish.

Do you have a favorite from this colletion - The Mythicals?
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And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. I love Galahad and I just bought it on the 30% off Tristam sale :) Can't wait til I get it :)


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