Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nostalgic Nail Laquer Haul TWO + Swatches

Nostalgic Nail Laquer - The Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle Collection

Nostalgic Nail Laquer -  Blane, Duckie and Andie

I bought these polishes from Nostalgic Nail Lacquer on EtsyHowever
Erin has closed down the Etsy store for now. I think she is looking for an
alternative site to sell her lacquers at. (Etsy fees are eating on the profit
margin). You can check that info yourself on her Blog - The Sugar Cube.

Three coats of Nostalgic - Andie.

Give the bottles a good shake before you start your manicure. Turn the
bottle upside and leave it like that while you clean your nails and file
them and whet not. Then give it a light shake or roll the bottle before you
start painting your nails. This so that the glitters will spread more evenly.

4 coats of Nostalgic - Duckie.

I did two thin coats of Nostalgic - Blane over Essie - Bangle Jangle
I stamped hearts from Konad Plate M73 using Konad - Royal Purple. 

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. wow girl these are so much hard to resist , i wish if i could get these here in Pakistan

  2. So pretty!!! I passed on them but I'll definitely get them whenever I can.

    I love the stamping on Bangle Jangle.
    And that essie polish is the perfect underwear for it! So pretty!

  3. Very beautiful!

  4. These look really really nice, can't figure out wich one I want the most.

  5. Thank you girls. My fav is Duckie. Love green!

  6. These are beautiful, I love how milky they look.

    1. That is one of the reasons why I fell in love with them.


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