Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sigma Beauty - Performance Eyes Kit

The Performance Eyes Kit was designed to allow the precise
application of liquid, cream and powder products onto defined
areas of the eyes. Essential to creating elaborate looks, the
Performance Eyes Kit is a must for advanced makeup artistry. 

Brushes included:

Eye Liner - E11 For precise lining of upper and lower lash lines. Creates detailed and elaborate looks.

Tightline Liner - E16 Ideal for application of cream, gel and powder formulas on the upper lash line.

 Waterline Liner - E17 Perfectly applies cream, gel and powder formulas on the lower lid waterline.

Smudge - E21 Soften harsh lines on the upper and lower lash lines.

Blending - E36 Precise blending of powder products on small areas, such as the inner corner of the eyes.

Shader - Inner Corner - E46 Perfect for application of highlight shades in the inner corner of the eyes.

Shader - Crease - E47 For applying and blending darker shades onto the crease.

Shader - Lid - E56 Precise application of pressed and loose eye shadow onto the lid.

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  1. wow these brushes are so cool and way different then the brushes i have =}

    1. Yeah, I really want to try them.


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