Thursday, January 10, 2013

Magic Pop-Up Pen Review and Photos

Today I will tell you what I found out asking friends on Facebook what to
do with these Magic Pop-Up pens. As the hairdryer did not work, I figured
there had to be an other way. Someone suggested I could try and put it in
the microwave. I did a new card and pimped it with the popcorn pen.


It really worked. I "poped" (pun intended) the card into the Micro
and on full effect I had it in there for maybe a minute. I think anything
from 30sec to 2 minutes is good. As you see above the green
color did not puff up like the others. I had to do a new test.

 Thinking the Green color might now work as good as the Yellow,
Orange and Red, I did a test with all the colors. And found out that all of
them does puff up. Maybe it was the small amount on the green dots that
was the reason for it not to pop. I have no idea. I have to keep on trying.

Even with the nozzle on the pen it is hard to get an even flow because you have
to squeeze the tube. But I guess practice makes perfect. Even with that in mind
I think this product is really fun. Making big shapes or flowers on your cards
and crafts and puffing them in the Microwave oven gives your work that
special touch. This product will be a great addition to your craft supplies.

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  1. yes it looks so fun :D

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