Thursday, February 18, 2016

ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder - Fiji Matte - Swatches

 In my previous post I showed swatches of ELF Blush Palette in Fair - That I got in my latest ELF Haul - together with Contouring Blush And Bronzing Powder that I will be showing swatches of in this post. And I will also compare the two.

The Contouring Blush And Bronzing Powder in Fiji (Matte) I have been wanting for for a long time. When Distribeauty UK Ltd still shipped ELF it was always out of stock when I placed my orders. And then the company went on stocking other brands. So I wasn't able to get my hands on it until now. So how do I like it? Would I contour with this?

Contouring Blush And Bronzing Powder in Fiji (Matte) palette has better pigmentation than the Blush Palette in Fair and color pay-off is a little better. But it is still powdery. Again finger swatches are ok. Finger swipes on hand are ok. You can see that it is a little crumbly. But that is because I swirled my fingers a few times to really pick up a lot of product. In the comparison photos I swirled on the swatches and I really worked that powder on to my hand - so the result is much smoother. However when working with a brush the results are different. It is not as vibrant, nor do you want it to be on your cheeks.

The neutral shade in the Blush Palette has more of a red tone compared to the more grey taupe tone shade in the Fiji Palette. I don't think I will use the orange shade in the Fair Blush Palette at all. In the Blush Palette the coraly toned blush is more vibrant (and it has glitter - but not much of that shows. And doesn't really transfer to your cheeks.) compared to the more muted coral tone in the Fiji Palette. But very similar.

How do I like it?
I prefer the Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder Fiji Palette. I would not contour with it. Rather use as a Blush and Bronzer. Love matte products.

Up next is going to be a comparison of the Blush Palette in Fair and a Blush Palette from an other affordable makeup brand. Hopefully that will be up on Sunday.

What "other affordable makeup brand" do you think it is?

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