Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Recent ELF Haul and Blush Swatches

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Finally elfcosmetic.se opened. After Distribeauty UK Ltd stopped shipping e.l.f products I have not been able to get elf. I've seen these nice products come up in USA and been wanting to try them out. But I guess we have to wait a while longer til we get them all. If we even get them all. Anyways...

So I placed my first elf order and posted a picture on Instagram. (Link to my Instagram in the sidebar). Not so much new and interesting stuff, mostly basics that I need to stock up on. And the only two products that I thought are worth swatching are the blush palettes. Blush Palette in Fair and Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in Fiji - Matte. I'm sure there are alot of swatches of these products. But as I have posted ELF swatches before on this blog I thought I want to keep doing that.

In this post I will be showing you swatches of Blush Palette in Fair. Next post will be swatches of Contouring and Bronzing Powder and I will also be comparing it with the Fair Palette. What I will also do in a third post is to compare some of the shades in The Blush Palette in Fair with an other affordable makeup brand. But more on that in the upcoming post. So stay tuned.

The Light Pink shade is the sheerest one of the bunch. There's a nice Rose tone. A Coraly Pink (with glitter but not very visible on the swatches) and a neutral but Orange blush. I guess the color selection is good for a 4-blush palette. Nothing spectacular. But these blushes are a tad bit powdery. The color pay-off isn't the greatest. Like a normal ELF Blush I'd say. Swatches on fingers look ok. Finger swipes on hand are ok. But when you start working on these blushes with a brush the results are sheer. However that can be a good thing if you have fair skin. Then this might be the thing for you. 'Cause you can't really over-do with these blushes when you are working with a brush. They aren't the most horrible thing I have worked with. I have other powdery elf blushes that I love the shades of and do use. I just got these and have not worn them yet so the jury is still out on this product...

Elf has an other version of this palette. And the thing is that you can pop out each color and if you have the two palettes you can put together your favorite colors in one palette. Why didn't I think of taking a photo of that...? Maybe I'll post a pic of that on my Instagram account. Be sure to follow me there. (Link in sidebar).

Next post hopefully up on Thursday.

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