Monday, January 17, 2011

DIY Lighting for Digital Photographers

I found a page with helpful hints and tips on how to make your own gear when taking photos.
Click Here to go there.

I know I will make number 3. What they called "Inexpensive Light Tent". It is an other version of LightBox.
So instead of having a box that you light straight on with light. The tent diffuses the light through fabric giving a softer light and shaddows.

This will come in handy when taking pics for this Blog. I'm thinking of Nail polish Bottles and Swatches. Makeup - like eyeshaddows, lipsticks and swatches of them. Maybe I can take pictures of my handmade Jewellry (nick-nacks). I find taking pictures of accessories is hard. Hopefully this Light tent/box will help.

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