Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Crackle Graffiti Nails

Apply Base Color. Let it dry.
Apply Graffiti Nail Color. Let it Crackle!
Done! (Apply Top Coat if you want)

2 Layers of IsaDora - Vintage Mint

1 quick layer of IsaDora Graffiti Nail Top - Yellow Crew
The Crackle polish dries Matte.

No Top Coat

What crackle polishes do you have, or want?

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading! - Feel free to comment.


  1. I love how crackle is everywhere now! Its so funky.
    Sadly where i am i can only find black crackle unless i order online.
    I wish they would make a hologafic crackle! Tho, when i do get holografic nail colour i think crackle would looks great on it!!

    Have you ever tryed using diffrent colours of crackle ontop of eachother?
    Im intrested in that outcome =]


  2. Black crackle is great. You can use what ever color as a base.
    A holo crackle would be nice. And acrackle over a holo is nice.

    But crackle on top crackle don't work. I would only be a mess. Because you don't know where it is going to crackle. It is random.


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