Monday, December 19, 2011

ELF Nail Polish Swatch

Well what a hard color to photograph right. The most accurate color
is the one with the name in the caption.The first and fourth
photos are too blue and the second and fifth pics are too red.

Royal Purple is one of the better e.l.f nail polishes. You get good covarage
with 2 coats. If you are good at making one thick coat then you can get away
with that. I did two thin coats. And then added a third coat for photos. But
of course I ended up with a dent on my ringfinger. But hey I'm going to fix that.

e,l.f - Royal Purple (no top coat)

 If you want to know how it turned out when I fixed the little dent
in the polish on my ringfinger - I'll post the result in an other post.
So stay tuned. I promise you, you don't want to miss that!
I think I will scedule that to post later today
__ __ __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


  1. beautiful color, ive never tried any elf polishes im thinking i should.

  2. It is a pretty color. How fast did this polish dry? Some e.l.f. nail polishes dry like forever.

  3. @ ♥beauxs mom - not all elf polishes are good. But I got them at 50% off. And they are cheap from the get go.
    MissL - 2 thin coats dry fast. But I always use Seche Vite Dray Fast Top Coat so even the slowest dring polishes can be fixed with that.

  4. i agree its very hard to photograph, toke me looks dark purple in person but in photos appear reddish or different, love this color though! :D

  5. I found it impossible to take photos of. And all I had at that time was artificial light. No day light. Wonder if that would work better...

  6. so pretty... colors like this are indeed hard to capture. but they r so pretty.


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