Friday, December 30, 2011

Flakie Layering

2 coats of Golden Rose Scale Effect - 03
layered over 2 coats of China Glaze - Ingrid.

Golden Rose Scale Effect- 03

I had China Glaze - Ingrid on for probably 2 or 3 days
before I could find the time to do something with it. House
full of people and just lots to do. And then I could not find any
inspiration so I just layered a flakie over it. That I had on for atleast
5 days. And oh is it hard to take good pictures of flakie laquer.

China Glaze - Ingrid (2 Coats)

__ __ __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


  1. Yes, it is hard to take good pictures of flakies! lol.

    This turned out really nice...I love the color combo of the base and flakie polish. It reminds me of camo colors.

  2. Yes it is really hard to take good pictures of flakies. Lol..

    This looks great though. I love the green flash in the 4th picture! So beautiful.

  3. Thank you! Prettier in real life. I should have applied a matte top coat. Would have been nice. If you like matte that is.


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