Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snake Skin Manicure

No this is not real snakeskin. Even tho it has been done.
I would not. I think this looks better. And I thought I had posted
this manicure already. ??? I'm lost. How do you guys kep up with
what you have posted and what not? Or do you just paint your nails
and post it right away? What system do you go by? Help me!

First Attempt at snakeskin Nails:

Picture spam to follow...

The darkest polish I used to stamp with was not that good.
But I like this manicure. And I did stamp over some parts
of the nails with a lighter polish. That really turned out great.
But forgot to take pictures. SO I did a second Snake mani.
Pictures of both manicures in this post.

Nail Polish used for first attempt:
For Base Color I used La Femme Beauty - Rouge Noir
I did the Sponging with Color Club - Fashion Addict
and e.l.f - Purple Dream. Stamping was done with Konad Special
Polish - Violet Pearl and Dark Purple and also China Glaze - Sci-Fi
using Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-215.

And the Nail Polish I used for the second attempt:
Base Color was La Femme Beauty - Rouge Noir
Sponging wasdone with Color Club - Fashion Addict,
China Glaze - Harmony and Laura Paige - Limited
Edition 34. The Stamping was done with Konad Special
Polish - Violet Pearl and China Glaze - Sci-Fi
using Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-215.

Second Attempt at snakeskin Nails:

Sorry for the tip wear. But I was still in AWE for these nails after
a few days of wear. And oh boy did I get loads of compliments.
Even from strangers on the bus and the cashier when I went shopping.
But I kinda wish I could combine the the manicures I did. Because
I like them both for different reasons. Some things are good in the
first mani and others in the second. But all in all - WOW
If I may say so myself...

Here is pictures of the base I used for both Manicures
The polish is: La Femme Beauty - Rouge Noir.

If you dont have the new Bundle Monster Image plate set...
Get it! It is good quality stamping plates for a small buck
compared to a well known brand.

What do you guys think?
What colors would you use for a snakeskin mani?
__ __ __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


  1. You said real snake skin has been done before? Urghh... People do the craziest things!

    I definitely prefer this better than putting real snake skin on my fingers.

    It's lovely. I kinda like the second one better... but Both are pretty!
    And Oh My.. This red/dark red/borderline black polish! It's Lovely!!! I love it alone. Going through my stash for something like it... Now I feel like doing dark vampy red nails.

  2. You know, I was going to do a snake skin mani this week but didnt have mesh material (I was going to sponge over it). I've got this plate and haven't used it yet. I will now. I love this-brilliant job.
    As I like green, I might try a green, bronze and gold combo myself

  3. I love both of those! I would never have thought of using those colors, but I'm going to try it now. I bet you've been staring at your nails all week. I sure would be! lol

  4. This is great!! The second one is my favorite. Regarding your question in the beginning, I paint and post, by the latest the next day. Otherwise, I'd forget also ;0).

  5. Love these snakeskin manis. I usually post my NOTD´s after I have done my nails.

  6. Lov this mani!! sponging on the base is a super idea!!

  7. Thank you Dolls!
    Lizzy O - show me what vampy color you come up with.
    Ash-Lilly - I have seen a tutorial for snake mani using mesh. I tried it but I could not make it look nice. So I tried this instead. And I would LOVE to see your green/gold snake mani. I love green too.
    Wickless and Polished - Thank you!
    Jacky - I was staring at my nails all the time when I had this mani.
    MariJo and Miss L - posting right away would be ideal. But I always end up painting my nails at night, taking the pictures and then I'm too tired to start posting anything when I should have gone to bed hours ago. Current situation is crazy tho.
    Kejal - Thank you thank you thank YOU!

    Have you done a manicure inspired by something I have done?
    I would like it very much if you would post pictures or links to your blog posts of it.
    You can post on My Facebook fan page

    Thank you!

  8. Oh wow, at first I thought you used nail patches...beautiful job!! wish I had the patience to do such cool designs :) xx

  9. Lina - it is really easy. The sponging don't take long 'cause it don't need to be perfect. The stamping makes it look fancy. And Thanks!


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