Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who's getting Married?

I need your help!

I've been asked to do "wedding nails" in February. I need inspiration and ideas.
And 'cause I don't really know what kind of nails she wants, I need pictures
of wedding nails to show her. (Or manicures that with other colors could be
transformed into wedding nails). So maybe all of you that have done some kind of
"special occasion/wedding nails" could show me pictures of them.
Why don't I just google "wedding nails"? Because I want a "human touch" to
them. And I want to be able to re-create them. I'm not going to use acrylics.
I'm just going to paint her nails, stamp with Konad and use rhinestones.

You can post links/photos to your pictures/blog post on my
(or in the comments of this post if you do not use Facbook.
But I'd like them on my FB Page).

Thank you!

Base Coat is Soin Blanchissant - Nail Whitener
French tip done with Bourjois - French Manicure
Applied a glitter polish over 2/3 of the nail e.l.f - Glitter Glam
 Flower stamped with Star Gazer - 232 using Konad Image Plate M51

__ __ __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


  1. I like this! I'm going to have a think. I really can't remember what I've done in the last year, lol!


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