Monday, September 3, 2012

Pie won Sonoma Nail Art Polishes!

Left to Right: Mustard Fields, Wine Country Wedding, Bubble Room, Pinot Envy and Russian River.

A while ago Threads For Teens on Facebook had a Giveaway that I won.
The fabulous prize was 5 Indie Nail polishes from Sonoma Nail Art'core line.
It is the lovely Michelle that is the creator of these beatiful hand made polishes.

Mustard Fields, Wine Country Wedding, Bubble Room, Pinot Envy 

You can find Sonoma Nail Art on Facebook and the polishes you can buy from
her Etsy StoreIt's a good idea to keep an eye on the Facebook Page to get the
latest info of new creations and when the shop gets re-stocked. I happen to know
she has new Collection in the making. Also chek out her blog: Sonoma Nail Art.

Wine Country Wedding, Bubble Room, Pinot Envy, Russian River

These polishes are meant to be layered ontop of an other nail
polish. On the Sonoma Nail Art Facebook Page there are great
macro shoots of the polishes so go check them out there.

Left to Right: Mustard Fields, Wine Country Wedding, Bubble Room, Pinot Envy and Russian River.

Each of Sonoma Nail Art Polishes are insired by something in Sonoma
County. Russian River is a river that runs through most part of the county,
past farms and vineyards and eventually empties into the Pacific Ocean. 

Mustard Fields is in reference to the crops of mustard
flowers that pop up between the vineyard rows every spring.

Sonoma County is very popular place to have wedding,
so that was the inspiration for Wine Country WeddingAnd
Bubble Room and Pinot Envy are inspired by the wines made
here, sparkling wine for Bubble Room and pinot noir for Pinot Envy.

Do you own any Sonoma Nail Art polishes, or have any on your wishlist?

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And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Congrats on your win! They are so sparkly :-)

  2. Well done on your win, lucky you, they all look lovely, can't wait to see the swatches x

  3. Congrats! They look so prettyful!

  4. Omg!! Amazing victory! :D
    They are all so pretty!! I wanna see them all on your nails! :D

    1. I know! I was jumping of joy. But I almost did not get them as I was notified through facebook. And I didn't see the message until a week later and then replied and thought I was too late. Then messaged her again after some time and she had had the same problem that the messsage did not show up right away. (I missed out on swatching some polishes for shopllarow this way GRRR on fakebook). And at first she did not want to send the polsihes from USA to Sweden and offered a Gift Certificate to any store of m choise, (ok, but what stores ships to sweden???) But then she sent them anyway yay!

  5. it have many beautiful designs, love it so much!

  6. Wow, they are beautiful! Congratulations :)

    I have Sonoma Clockwork on my wishlist, I think is very interesting.

  7. Thank you!
    Sonoma Clockwork looks absolutely beautiful. Now I want that too.

  8. Hi Ida! This is Michelle, of Sonoma Nail Art! Congrats on your winnings, I am glad that Allison was able to send these polishes to you from Threads For Teens. Allison is an amazing young woman and I was happy to help her with this donation. The polishes you won are not part of a collection, they are just from my core line of polishes. Each of my polishes are inspired by something in Sonoma County. Russian River is a river that runs through most of our county, past farms and vineyards and eventually empties into the Pacific Ocean. Mustard Fields is in reference to the crops of mustard flowers that pop up between the vineyard rows every spring. Sonoma County is a very popular place to have a wedding, so that was the inspiration for Wine Country Wedding. And Bubble Room and Pinot Envy are inspired by the wines made here, sparkling wine (for Bubble Room) and pinot noir (for Pinot Envy). Enjoy!

    1. Yes I am so hapy to have won these. They are great high quality polishes. Thank you for this information. Do you mind if I copy it and paste it in the post?

  9. nices polishes:D

    nice blog=)


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