Thursday, September 13, 2012

Winners for the Bundle Monster Giveaway

First of all I would Like to send a Huge Thank You to Bundle Monster
for Providing the Image Plate Set and Fimo Canes for this Giveaway.
I would also like to thank all of my followers. Without you it would just
be me, and that would not be any fun. I like having these giveaways.

Boxed Plates for the Giveaway and my Personal Set.

AND THE WINNERS for the Bundle Monster Giveaway ARE...

1 set of Bundle Monster Image Plates (BM3) - Entry #1213May G.
50x Nail Art Fimo Canes - Entry #7911cristina (.
50x Nail Art Fimo Canes - Entry #4581Abby M.
50x Nail Art Fimo Canes - Entry #3696alex

Updated! I had to pick a new winner as one of the winners did not reply on time.

My Personal Stash of Fimo Canes.

Emails have been sent to the winners and they have
two days to reply before new winners are picked.

If you did not win this Giveaway and still want the
Bundle Monster Image Plate Set you can buy them HERE: or Amazon and eBay.

And don't forget to check the Bundle Monster
Facebook Page for offers and Giveaways.

In a few days I will start a new Giveaway. So stay tuned for that. But
did you know I have a Giveaway going on right now?! Here is the link:

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And that's a "Piece of Pie"


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