Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Costal Scents Haul

A while ago I bought a LivingSocial deal for Coastal Scents.
I got $25 to Spend Online on Cosmetics, Bath, and Body Products
and only paid half. This is what I bought: Four Hot Pot Eyeshadows,
a Mystery box worth $50 and the entire Coat Nail Polish Collection.
And NO I did not get all this for $25 - I wish. But it was a bit more.

Hot Pot Eyeshadow

Hot Pot shadows I bought: Sand Storm, Aluminum Taupe, Victorian Pear and
Cherry Moss. I also got a free Sample of Mineral Eyeshadow in the shade: Vampin'
Blue. I got two more Hot Pots, M10 and M21, from the Splendid Mystery Box.

Mystery Box

As I have not tried anything from Coastal Scents before I thought that buying the
Mystery Box could pay off. And it did. I really like what I got in my box. And from
what I know the content of the box alters. Thinking of getting more boxes I am...

First I was thinking of buying a couple of brushes. But then changed my mind and
got the Mystery box instead. Guess if I am totally pleased with that decision as got
a bunch of makeup brushes in the mystery box and a lot more stuff ontop of that.

This is my favorite style of lashes. I have a pair like this that I have
been using a lot. But only on the outer corner of my eye as I cut the
lash in 3. These new lashes I will not cut and will wear them full on.

 Also included in the Mystery Box was three eyeshadows called:
Squeeze Me, Bloom and Lagoon Mist. A blush called: True Blush
(I think that is the name). A Lip Pencil in the shade: Prune. And
a Pristine Cleansingblend with Grapefruit & Green Tea Extract.

COAT Nail Polish Collection

Lets end this post with a photo of the entire COAT
Nail Polish Collection with 27 nail polishes. BOOM!

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. OMG what a massive haul! COAT Nail Polish Collection wow!

  2. woooww, big haul ^_^ but the stuff looks amazing, envy u heheee

    1. The mystery box was a hit for me. That and the Nail Polish collection makes it a big haul. When I was ordering it did not seem so much hahaa

  3. what a nice post ida!! :D that nail polish collection looks amazinggg

  4. Thank you darling! I'll post nail wheel swatches of the collection soon


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