Wednesday, October 3, 2012

COAT Nail Polish Collection

A closer look on the entire COAT Nail Polish Line from Coastal Scents
It consists of three collections called: Flavor, Botanical and Universe.

Flavor Collection

Base Coat, Top Coat,
Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Cappuccino,
Butter Pecan and French Vanilla

Botanical Collection

Peony, Rosebud, Azalea,
Cherry Blossom, Carnation, Lily Pad, Wisteria,
Forget Me Not, Tweedia, Cactus and Morning Glory.

Universe Collection
Star, Lunar, Solar
Cosmic, Galaxy, Meteorite, Gravity,
Morning Glory, Comet and Nebula

Morning Glory has accidentally slipped into the Universe Collection
__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Cool bottles. I've never heard of these.

    1. Nether had I until I saw them on Coastal Scents site

  2. Would love to see swatches,Ida Pie :-)

  3. Nice Coastal Scents Haul! Cosmic, Comet, and Nebula look really pretty in the bottles!

  4. some nice colors for me in the botanical and universe collection. Azalea, Peoni, castus , nebula and gravity

  5. Ok ok okeyyy ladies, I'll do atleast nail wheel swatches for you. I'd want that too hahaa

  6. I almost bought these the other day, the entire collection is I think $24, and there was a living social or groupon deal where you get $25 for $12 at Coastal. I was about to buy, then checked all the colors and realized I just liked Nebula, Cosmic, and Comet. Those are super pretty ones ^_^

    1. I actually like more of the colors than I thought I would. And when I bought them I used the living socials deal. And they are cheap. And much better tha I thought they would be. And I can still give them away if I don't like them. They have only been swatched on nail wheels.


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